ENGAGE Webinar Series: Engaging Customers & Employees in Contact Centers

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Watch the videos from our ENGAGE Webinar Series for thought-provoking discussions on trending topics in service delivery and contact centers from leaders at ATB Financial, Bell Canada, TrustPortal, and Burnie Group.

5 Strategies to Reduce Employee Attrition

Eli Federman, Omnichannel and Contact Center Practice Leader at Burnie Group, and David Bradshaw, Vice President of Client Care at ATB Financial, discuss the reasons for employee attrition in contact centers and strategies for building a positive employee experience.

Topics include:

  • Common reasons why employees leave a company
  • How the contact center environment can affect attrition
  • How the pandemic influenced attrition in contact centers
  • What employees are seeking in new employers
  • How employers can prevent attrition
  • The importance of leadership in promoting employee retention

Measuring Success: The Most Important KPIs for Contact Centers

David Burnie, Principal and Founder of Burnie Group, interviews Eli Federman about the most important KPIs for measuring contact center success.

Topics include:

  • The essential KPIs for measuring telephone, live chat, email, and IVR performance
  • The most impactful KPIs to improve contact center efficiency
  • How KPIs can measure employee engagement
  • Trending KPIs that contact center leaders are struggling to measure

How Hyperautomation Can Take Contact Centers to the Next Level

Najeeb Saour, Head of Technology and Automation at Burnie Group, and Chris Lamberton, CEO and Founder of TrustPortal, discuss how hyperautomation can take contact centers to the next level.

Topics include:

  • What hyperautomation means
  • Use cases for automation in contact centers
  • How the approach to automation differs for the contact center compared to other business units
  • How hyperautomation drives value in the contact center

How Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Shapes Customer Experience

Eli Federman and Marco Sciarra, Director of Operational Planning and Technology at Bell, discuss the integral role of interactive voice response (IVR) and how it shapes customer experience.

Topics include:

  • Why IVR is an essential service channel
  • How IVR can affect a customer’s perception of a company, for better and for worse
  • The most common issues with IVR
  • How to measure the IVR experience, including key KPIs

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