World-class technology and automation to optimize your organization

Our technology and automation programs can help your business improve performance and achieve measurable results through the application of deep subject matter expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover new opportunities for your business with an actionable AI strategy.

Center of Excellence

Incorporate key people, processes, and technologies in a center of excellence (CoE) to develop and optimize your automation journey.

Contact Center Automation

Turn your contact center into a strategic value generator with our contact center expertise and award-winning automation capabilities.

Intelligent Automation

Reduce costs, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and streamline business processes with intelligent automation.

Intelligent Document Processing

Save time and reduce errors by automating data entry with intelligent document processing.

IT Strategy

Transform your business and deliver superior customer service with innovative IT strategies.

Process Improvement

Improve operational efficiency and build lean business processes with process design.

Robotic Process Automation

Improve productivity and reduce costs in as little as eight weeks by implementing robotic process automation (RPA).

Technology Strategy

Empower your organization with a plan to harness the full potential of digital transformation using technologies, techniques, and approaches to marry innovation with legacy ecosystems.

Some of our automation partnerships

We can help you with purchase optimization, sourcing, and implementation for any of our technology partners. If you don’t see a technology partner listed, contact us to inquire about it.

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Our automation awards


"Blue Prism recognizes the value Burnie Group brings, proven by their recent partner award. Burnie Group has excellent staff at every level of the organization and they truly operate as a seamless extension of our team."

Betsy Topel, Client Director at Blue Prism

"Burnie Group is tremendously skilled at absorbing information quickly and synthesizing it into useful decision making material. It's obvious that they are very collaborative behind the scenes and strive to foster the same approach with their clients. Their ability to assess a problem, propose a solution that makes sense, and articulate it in a way that is easily understood is a true talent and very much appreciated."

Keri-Ann Hamilton, Program Manager at TSX Trust

"Burnie Group helped make something that seemed insurmountable more manageable and doable. We appreciate your time and dedication and hope to work with you again in the future."

Sarah Birt, Managing Director at TSX Trust

Our technology & automation leaders

Najeeb Saour

Najeeb Saour

Head of Technology and Automation

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