World-class technology and automation to optimize your organization

Our automation and technology programs can help your business improve performance and achieve measurable results through the application of deep subject matter expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

Artificial Intelligence

Discover new opportunities for your business with an actionable AI strategy.

Center of Excellence

Incorporate key people, processes, and technologies in a center of excellence (CoE) to develop and optimize your automation journey.

Contact Center Automation

Turn your contact center into a strategic value generator with our contact center expertise and award-winning automation capabilities.

Digitization, Optical Character Recognition & Document Extraction

Improve productivity and reduce costs by automating document processing with digitization, OCR, and document extraction.

Intelligent Automation

Reduce costs, increase productivity, improve employee engagement and streamline business processes with intelligent automation.

Process Design

Improve operational efficiency and build lean business processes with process design.

Process Mining & Task Mining

Gain insights into your organization’s processes and discover automation opportunities with process mining and task mining.

Robotic Process Automation

Improve productivity and reduce costs in as little as eight weeks by implementing robotic process automation (RPA).

Some of our automation partnerships

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Burnie Group and TrustPortal Hyperautomation Partnership to Digitally Transform Services and Experiences Across North America

TORONTO, ONTARIO – January 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Burnie Group is partnering with TrustPortal to provide expanded hyperautomation capabilities for our clients. Partnering with TrustPortal will enable Burnie Group to diversify its capabilities by increasing the ease, speed, scope ...


"This is what world-class looks like.  Thanks for being our partner and working on solving customer problems."

Patrick S. Finn, President & General Manager of the Americas at Blue Prism

“Burnie Group is wonderful in transformation of a company. They are efficient and consistent in their approach to force results and implement decisions or strategies that aligns with the clients. They are also open to criticisms and great in working towards the best result possible.”

Francis Kuruvilla, Senior RPA Developer at SCM Insurance

"Blue Prism recognizes the value Burnie Group brings, proven by their recent partner award. Burnie Group has excellent staff at every level of the organization and they truly operate as a seamless extension of our team. "

Betsy Topel, Client Director at Blue Prism

Our automation leaders

Najeeb Saour

Najeeb Saour

Head of Technology and Automation

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Charles Xie

Charles Xie

Senior Engagement Manager, Technology & Automation

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