The importance of change management

Change is inevitable, so crafting a well-planned strategy to manage the transition process effectively can influence an organization’s long-term success. With a robust plan, organizations minimize the disruptions caused by change, increase employee engagement and support, and maximize success. Implementing change requires a coordinated effort from various stakeholders who understand the organization’s unique culture, values, and vision.

Burnie Group works with clients to implement our proven approach to change management to ensure your change is executed flawlessly. We focus on the details of the change at every step and help our clients navigate the people challenges that can occur throughout the change process.

Our approach to change management

Laying the foundation for change

We begin our support early in the change process. Starting the change management process early is imperative because it ensures you lay the proper foundation before introducing the change.

A key piece of the change management foundation is ensuring the change is clearly articulated. We work with leaders to define the key attributes of the change:

  • What precisely is changing?
  • Why is the change happening?
  • Who does the change affect?

The answers to these questions shape the compelling change story, ultimately driving all change communication.

We also perform a cultural assessment of your organization early in the process. During our assessment, we evaluate your decision-making and communication style to understand how to best tailor the change approach to your organization’s needs.

People-oriented change support

We understand that people drive organizational change. For this reason, we focus our change management efforts on understanding the teams and individuals who make up an organization. We assess factors like experience, degree of change, openness to change, and influence to gain a holistic understanding of team members. With this knowledge, we customize our approach at the team and individual levels, providing tailored coaching and feedback to ensure everyone impacted by the change feels engaged.

We will collaborate with leaders to ensure that employees have the ability to change, the desire to change, and the supporting mechanism they need to maintain the change.

Change management people-oriented change solutions

Structured communication

A significant element of deploying a change is in communicating it. We leverage a repository of best practices and templates for CEO announcements, town halls, and coaching sessions to ensure the most effective communication. Our people-oriented insights enable us to customize where appropriate and address individual issues.

We also leverage proven governance structures to ensure the progress of the change is communicated and understood by key stakeholders in the organization. This structure creates channels that allow communication to flow to and from all corners of the organization.

 Monitoring change effectiveness

Once the change is underway, we leverage channels such as employee surveys, internal analytics, and feedback from managers to monitor if the change is producing its desired impact.

We create a feedback loop that ensures the results are shared with the right team members in the organization to provide the coaching and feedback to drive a stronger impact.

How Burnie Group creates value

Through our change management approach, we help our clients:

  • Realize higher impact from their change initiatives
  • Achieve more buy-in and adoption from team members
  • Implement a system that provides crucial feedback and keeps a pulse on the organization
  • Build a repeatable process that your organization can use for future initiatives

Our change management leaders

Graeme Hartlen

Graeme Hartlen

Practice Leader, Strategy & Operations

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Alexey Saltykov

Alexey Saltykov

Practice Leader, Post-Merger Integrations

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