What is operations excellence?

Operations excellence is a set of approaches, practices, and tools that target maximizing efficiency in operations without losing focus on time, quality, cost, and employees.

Our approach

We offer a comprehensive and transformative training program designed to enhance team leaders’ knowledge and capabilities. Our program aims to build four critical capabilities:

  1. Operational Intelligence
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Performance Management
  4. Workforce Agility

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How we have supported clients through operations excellence programs


A top 5 Canadian bank was expanding its offerings and expecting an increase in demand.

Commercial Real Estate

A Fortune 500 financial institution engaged Burnie Group to create a more productive and managed workforce.


A large insurance company lacked workflow transparency across all business lines and had limited documentation and reporting measures.


  • Implemented a culture of training and development among staff
  • Catalogued over 1000 production activities for reporting and process improvement purposes
  • Improved planning and capacity practices


  • Reduced employee overtime costs by 36% within three months
  • Increased sustainable long-term productivity growth of 16%
  • Increased FTE capacity by 11% through an increase in productivity


  • Implemented a workforce management program over ten weeks
  • Enabled high-level transparency across organizational structure
  • improved staff engagement and morale by implementing best practice techniques

Our operations leaders

Alexey Saltykov

Alexey Saltykov

Practice Leader, Digital Transformation

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Graeme Hartlen

Graeme Hartlen

Practice Leader, Strategy & Operations

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