Burnie Group builds new contact centre infrastructure or optimizes your existing infrastructure, depending on the support your organization needs.

Our process optimization methodology

Our support areas include channel strategy, KPI/scorecard reporting, workforce management, quality assurance, culture blueprint, technology landscape, site/sourcing model, continuous improvement framework, and more.

We build processes based on real-world contact centre experience. Combined with our extensive contact centre benchmarking and global experience, we customize each program and process built. We are also highly collaborative and work closely with our clients to capture key nuances of their business.

A frontline employee takes a call on a headset

Workforce management for contact centres

Workforce management (WFM) is a key pillar in any contact centre. It is the central hub for assessing, analyzing, and reporting on performance across most KPIs. Areas of focus include planning, forecasting and scheduling activities related to customer interactions (phone, email, chat, etc.), frontline employees (schedules, vacation, productivity, etc.) and monitoring and maintaining the health and wellness of the contact centre, e.g., systems, facilities, health/safety measures, etc.

We have extensive experience helping companies improve WFM, including:

  • Capacity planning framework (short term and long-term forecasting)
  • Staffing models for knowing when and where to schedule employees to meet demand
  • Employee scheduling and shift building
  • Employee vacation planning
  • Service level management (intraday and offline activity management)
  • Command centre set up and optimization.
  • Governance framework
  • Playbook development to document processes
  • Incident management/Business Continuity Planning

We offer unique expertise in the WFM space because our contact centre consultants have “real world” WFM experience, enabling us to assist with all elements of this crucial contact centre pillar.

Process optimization quality assurance
Smiling frontline employee in a contact centre wearing a headset

Quality assurance program for contact centres

A quality assurance program is fundamental to ensure customers consistently receive high-quality customer service and that their inquiries are resolved efficiently – and in one interaction, wherever possible. At Burnie Group, we believe that a robust quality assurance program is not simply a monitoring tool with a yes/no scorecard. It is a comprehensive program inclusive of various easy-to-use, highly effective tools to support frontline employees in delivering the best possible experience.

Our tools are customized for each client and capture the nuances of a given business and culture. Our quality assurance program covers all channels, including phone, email, and chat.

Our quality assurance program works hand in hand with your approach and framework for delivering a consistently excellent customer experience. With a combined internal and external customer perspective, you receive a 360° view of the interaction. This 360° view enables you to see all sides of the customer experience and to understand where to continuously improve.

Elements of our quality assurance program include:

  • Anatomy of a call, email, and chat
  • Inbound and outbound interaction handling
  • Unique scorecards for customer experience and compliance
  • Scorecards for multiple channels, including calls, emails, and chats
  • Alignment sessions for how to successfully score all channels
  • Guidance for team managers and QA Analysts on how to execute the program
  • Definitions and scoring criteria for interaction scorecards

How our quality assurance programs are different

Burnie Group’s quality assurance program for contact centres can help you differentiate your customer experience.

  • We build quality assurance programs that enable frontline employee partnership and foster their engagement.
  • We focus on building quality processes that are easy to implement and impactful.
  • We don’t see quality assurance as monitoring but rather as enabling employees to learn and improve.
  • We create simplified measurements and outcomes that allow for easy assessment and interpretation.
  • Our programs integrate with customer satisfaction programs to enable a holistic view of the experience.

Learn more about our process improvement programs for the contact centre.