Create value through integration

Our Post-Merger Integration (PMI) practice will ensure your newly integrated business runs seamlessly. By coordinating all pre- and post-merger activities, monitoring progress and creating accountability for capturing value, we help you deliver all expected integration benefits.

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We understand what a successful integration requires

We embed our integration teams within your organization to coordinate all activities of a merger or acquisition, from initial due diligence through to post-day 1 integration.

We leverage our proprietary integration library of over 1,000 activities, standardized tools, reports and processes to support your organization in capturing the full value of your merger or integration.

A lean integration approach

We have a lean and focused implementation team that leverages our proprietary tools and technologies to accelerate the pace of integration. We bring the right experts with deep experience to maximize the value from your merger or integration.

Integration expertise across industries

Our integration experts have experience with post-merger integrations across many industries – from financial services to healthcare and manufacturing. Our proprietary library of 1,000+ integration activities gives us a head start on any integration we lead.

Client testimonials

“In all the past integrations here, we’ve never seen such a push for clear milestones. This has been super helpful.”

Senior Director, Corporate Development at a Global eDiscovery Solution Provider

“In the past 4 or 5 integrations, we have not seen a comms/training plan like what you are doing. I can totally see the value in doing this.”

VP Global Marketing and Product Experience at a Global eDiscovery Solution Provider

Interested in maximizing your new merger?