Through our commercial due diligence offering, we develop a fact-base with all the information you need about your target to decide whether to confidently move forward with an acquisition. We take custom-tailored approaches to best suit mid-sized funds and to gain insights into hard-to-reach industries.

What is commercial due diligence?

Commercial due diligence focuses less on a deal’s legal and accounting components and more on the core elements of the target’s business and operating environment. Effective diligence includes developing a deep understanding of the target’s growth potential, customer preferences, industry trends, and competitive landscape.

We combine these factors in a single fact base to enable the potential acquirer to make an informed decision and ensure the purchase aligns with their investment thesis.

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Our approach to commercial due diligence

Burnie Group’s approach to commercial due diligence leverages a wide range of sources and research techniques to ensure we have collected and analyzed all the meaningful data needed for our clients to move forward with their deals.

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Understanding customer behaviors

We analyze niche customer groups that are specific to the acquisition in question, allowing us to identify customer trends, create detailed customer segments and define each segment’s unique preferences. This gives the acquirer a clear picture of what matters to customers, and if the target’s offering(s) is aligned.

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Analyzing the target’s growth potential

An organization whose strengths and future ambitions align well with industry and consumer trends is more likely to succeed. We combine the insights from our external research with an analysis of the target’s internal dynamics to understand its potential for growth.

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Assessing the competitive landscape

Our industry insights also allow us to develop an understanding of the industry’s competitors and form a view on whether or not the target is well-positioned to be competitive in the market.

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Deep diving into market dynamics

We develop industry-specific insights related to the target’s operating environment and assess whether or not the target is well positioned against these trends.

Going beyond commercial due diligence

Companies typically perform other types of mergers and acquisitions due diligence during the transaction to gain a complete understanding of the target company. Burnie Group has extensive experience in other types of M&A due diligence, including:

  • Operational due diligence: Evaluate the operational capabilities, know-how, and efficiency of the target
  • Technology due diligence: Assess the target company’s IT systems, infrastructure, governance, and security, including target technology fit (e.g. same underlying backbone technology) and potential technology integration challenges.

How Burnie Group creates value

  • Our network and approach enable us to develop insights even in niche industries.
  • We offer a flexible engagement model to match your timeline and budget.
  • Our leaders work hands-on with the project team to offer their expertise throughout the due diligence process.
  • Our deep expertise in primary research enables us to tailor our due diligence approach using traditional and bespoke research methods.
  • We offer support that continues post-acquisition, including post-merger integration and value creation.

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