Burnie Group’s Strategic Alignment Program can help your business gain a competitive advantage and realize value by setting clear goals, ensuring role clarity, and enabling a clear execution of your business strategy. As part of our approach, we design and facilitate practices that ensure your organization can efficiently and effectively execute your strategy. These result in faster and smoother execution, efficient communication within the organization, more effective decision-making, and accelerated top-line growth.

What is strategic alignment?

Strategic alignment is an organization’s capacity, at all levels, to commit to key decisions, strategies and actions that enable the organization to focus on what’s important to deliver superior results. A strategically aligned business will have clear accountabilities, support functions, and prioritized initiatives that enable everyone to concentrate on what’s important while eliminating distractions. When an organization achieves strategic alignment, it can successfully deploy its operational plan faster and accomplish its goals.

Some activities that drive strategic alignment include collaboratively developing a strategy, planning initiatives, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for the enterprise, key leaders and employees, and candid conversations amongst teams to overcome barriers and concentrate on performance.

We can help your organization:

  • Define a clear vision of what you want to achieve
  • Communicate and establish goals to align your team
  • Prioritize initiatives that will most help your business and understand what your organization shouldn’t continue
  • Establish the right processes, decision rights, and structures to enable collaboration and productivity
  • Monitor meaningful performance metrics to ensure accountability
  • Understand potential risks and how they will be handled
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement

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Our Strategic Alignment Program approach

Strategic Alignment Program stages

Our approach results in clear objectives and aligned teams. We tailor our facilitated planning approach to your organization’s needs.

Burnie Group's senior leaders, Alexey and Graeme, work on a value creation plan for a private equity firm
  1. Assessment & design: Implementing a strategic alignment plan requires a structured approach that includes clear processes, roles, and decision rights. We work closely with you to learn more about your organization and to prepare and design an appropriate workshop that meets your unique needs. Our work during this time involves:
  • Designing the workshop
  • Helping leaders to prepare in advance of the workshop to participate most effectively in the conversation
  • Conducting internal interviews to understand your challenges and possible areas of misalignment

Our work can also include:

  • Conducting an alignment survey to uncover critical differences of opinion between your leadership and board of directors
  • Completing a market scan
  • Conducting external interviews
  • Analyzing data to develop insights to share in the workshop
  1. Alignment & decision-making: Our experienced consultants facilitate a strategic alignment workshop, where we share the insights and implications we glean during our planning phase. The workshop is typically one to three days, depending on the agenda. We customize the workshop agenda based on your needs.
  1. Strategic plan & recommendations: We document the insights from the workshop, including decisions, actions, and questions. Our work during this time also involves:
  • Delivering a cohesive summary that tells the story of the strategy supported by the decisions made by the executive team
  • Following up with workshop participants to support next-level planning and communication, if required
  • Realigning strategic objectives as needed

How Burnie Group creates value

  • We use flexible and adaptable frameworks to fit your specific organizational requirements.
  • We work independently and confidentially with all key stakeholders to successfully identify the root causes behind misalignment and enable a better understanding of different perspectives.
  • We take the pain out of your planning process so you can focus on decision-making, not the process of getting there.

Our Strategic Alignment Program leaders

Thomas Brazill

Thomas Brazill

Engagement Manager, Strategy & Operations

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Graeme Hartlen

Graeme Hartlen

Practice Leader, Strategy & Operations

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