What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) encompasses every aspect of a company’s offerings, including the quality of customer care, product and service features, ease of use, reliability, marketing and advertising, packaging, and more. Positive customer interactions are crucial for a successful company because a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Benefits of improving your customer experience

  • Increased revenue: An improved CX can lead to higher sales, as customers are willing to pay more for better experiences.
  • Reduced churn: A positive CX reduces customer churn, saving high customer acquisition costs.
  • Growth through customer advocacy: Highly satisfied customers become brand advocates, promoting the organization and influencing their friends and family’s purchasing decisions.
  • Improved employee experience: Customer and employee experience are intrinsically linked. By investing in one, you will also enhance the other.
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Why choose Burnie Group to develop your customer experience

We are uniquely positioned to support you in developing a positive, tailored experience that customers will remember. We help you define your customers, develop a strategy to service them best, and finally, build a target state customer journey to map their experience. Our global best practices to deliver a differentiated experience have been honed over decades of customer experience work across industry and geography.

How we can support your organization

Customer Segmentation

Identify your target audience and the best ways to reach them with our customer segmentation support.

Customer Journey Mapping

Improve all stages of the customer journey with our journey mapping process.

Customer Experience Design

Integrate and align customer interactions across channels to design a cohesive and comprehensive customer experience.

Omnichannel Design

Ensure differentiated, consistent, and repeatable customer service across all channels with an omnichannel design.

Target Operating Model

Align your operations with your strategic priorities with a target operating model.

Our approach to CX

1. Assess the current state

We start with a current state assessment of your customer experience, including an assessment of your existing CX strategy and contact center target operating model (TOM).

During this time, we:

  • Evaluate key elements of the TOM, such as the channels used to engage with customers.
  • Assess KPIs used to measure customer experience and compare CX performance against global best practices.
  • Assess the existing customer journey map to understand every step a customer takes to interact with you and identify potential pain points along the journey.
  • Meet with executives, leaders, business partners, and frontline employees to gather their insights on pain points disrupting the customer journey.
  • Observe and assess customer interactions.
  • Assess all contact center technologies enabling customer service.

2. Design the target state

Once we complete the current state assessment, we synthesize all the insights we gathered and leverage them to build recommendations for the target state. Our intent is to create a differentiated experience that creates a competitive advantage.

3. Create an implementation roadmap

We create a roadmap for rolling out the changes to your customer experience across your organization. The roadmap summarizes the tasks required for implementation, a timeline for each task, and milestones to track progress.


"Burnie Group's approach to customer journey mapping helped shape and redefine our customer experience. A key element was the initial root cause analysis that uncovered our customers' biggest service problems. This acted as a catalyst to create a new customer journey that will differentiate their experience with e2open."

Lynn Holmgren, EVP & Chief Administration Officer at e2open

Our insights on customer experience

Our customer experience leaders

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