About The Burnie Group

The Burnie Group helps clients improve their businesses through innovative strategy and the continuous pursuit of operations excellence. We apply rigorous analysis, world-class technology and top-tier expertise to invigorate your business.

Our Team

The Highest Calibre Consultants

Our practice leaders and consultants have decades of top-tier management consulting experience across a broad range of industries. We implement practical strategies to help transform your business performance.

Our Value

Quality and Affordable Rates

We use a flexible business model that enables us to deploy an experienced onsite team to meet the exact needs of our clients. This efficient team structure allows us to complete projects in less time and at a fraction of the cost of other top-tier management consulting firms.

Your Guaranteed Results

The Burnie Group is experienced at rolling out large-scale transformations and delivering results quickly. We have extensive experience in successfully integrating strategy and operations solutions into our clients’ businesses. We stand by our results and offer The Burnie Group guarantee – our fees are at risk until you’re 100% satisfied.

Across all industries and projects, Burnie Group teams have a 100% client satisfaction rating.

About Our Logo

No, it’s not just a maroon circle. It’s what consultants call a “Harvey Ball”, an ideogram used to represent qualitative communication. We use the Harvey Ball to indicate how complete a task or process is, or to illustrate performance. For example, a half-filled Harvey ball could indicate that an activity on a project is half complete, or it could indicate that a person’s skill level is 50% compared to best-in-class. Harvey Poppel is credited with inventing the Harvey Ball in the 1970s while working as a consultant at Booz Allen.

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