What We Do

Burnie Group partners with clients to transform their businesses. We apply rigorous analysis and world-class technology to create the most impactful solutions and support them in the long run. We leverage innovation throughout the process to foster desired results.

How We Do It

Burnie Group helps clients redesign their operating models by considering our clients’ needs first. We determine these through extensive engagement with stakeholders, then identify and design the most impactful end-to-end solutions for operations. We support implementation and change management to help our clients execute their vision.

Our Expertise

Our team leaders have extensive consulting and industry experience in their practice areas.  We can draw on the skills of more than 100 top-tier consultants to execute projects. Our collective expertise encompasses a wide variety of operational fields, from workforce management to automation, and multiple specialized channels, including contact centre and digital. Together we develop and implement tailor-made strategies for streamlining operations and enhancing overall performance.

How We're Different

Unlike typical consulting firms, Burnie Group can both design an effective operations strategy and implement it. We also help clients deploy and integrate new transformative technologies. Our flexible business model enables us to execute projects in less time, at a lower cost and on a greater scale than traditional consulting firms.

Our Guaranteed Impact

Our record of executing complex transformations quickly and affordably is also backed by the Burnie Group guarantee – our fees are at risk until you’re fully satisfied.

Burnie Group's Harvey ball logo - graphic with stages of progress represented by four Harvey balls

About Our Logo

No, it’s not just a red circle. It’s what consultants call a Harvey Ball, an ideogram used to represent qualitative communication. We use the Harvey Ball to indicate how complete a task or process is, or to illustrate performance. For example, a half-filled Harvey ball could indicate that an activity on a project is half complete, or it could indicate that a person’s skill level is 50% compared to best-in-class. Harvey Poppel is credited with inventing the Harvey Ball in the 1970s while working as a consultant at Booz Allen.

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