Burnie Group helps large corporations, small to medium enterprises, and private equity funds conduct primary research and develop a comprehensive fact base to help define and validate their business strategy or as part of commercial due diligence. Primary research with Burnie Group offers companies and investors an information advantage to make the right decisions at the right time.

We tailor our approach to the client’s specific needs, leveraging multiple primary research tools:


Customer Survey

Quantifiable insights to discover customer needs and expectations, key purchasing criteria, performance against competitors, consumer behavior and segments, market size, trends, and more.



Qualitative and quantitative insights from different perspectives (customers, experts, internal stakeholders, etc.) to test hypotheses and identify best practices and industry trends.


Focus Groups

Platform to test product ideas and other strategic hypotheses, identify trends, and discover consumer behavior, needs, expectations, and more.

Black icon with two shopping bags representing mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping

Qualitative insights in a real-life environment to assess key competitor capabilities, discover differentiation factors, and identify key competitor trends and best practices.

Benefits of primary research

Red icon of a bar graph with an arrow showing growth representing market dynamics

Market Dynamics: Understand the market size, expected growth rate, and relevant industry trends impacting the market.

Red icon with outlines of five people and a magnifying glass representing customer insights

Customer Insights: Learn customer preferences and key purchase criteria and identify unique attributes to create meaningful and actionable customer segments.

Red icon of a small house and two storefronts representing growth opportunities

Competitive Landscape: Benchmark your company’s quality, service and value performance relative to competitors to identify differentiators.

Red icon of a building with arrows around it representing growth opportunities

Growth Opportunities: Identify and evaluate growth opportunities with first-hand data, to pressure test your hypothesis and gain confidence in big strategic bets.

Why partner with Burnie Group to facilitate your primary research

  • Our expertise enables us to develop a deep understanding of your needs, which we reflect in our research approach.
  • We tie your primary research closely to other strategic planning initiatives, including internal analysis, value creation planning, and operations excellence programs.
  • We supplement traditional approaches with bespoke alternative methods, such as competitive mystery shopping, benchmarking, and more.
  • We deliver world-class analytics and synthesis, drilling down several layers to extract actionable insight.
  • We turn insights into plans and plans into actions to help you execute cohesively while measuring progress.
  • We help you tell the story to gain buy-in from key stakeholders.

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