Burnie Group’s journey mapping framework begins with an end-to-end assessment of your customer experience across every channel touchpoint while identifying customer pain points. We define and document a new omnichannel customer journey and create a road map detailing all the activities required to execute it.

The new omnichannel customer journey takes advantage of the most innovative processes and technologies that best apply to your business to creates a consistently positive experience for your customers.

Customer journey mapping customer uses a laptop to review their experience

Our customer journey mapping methodology

We work closely with you to understand each step of the current customer journey and capture your internal viewpoint while ensuring it is easy to decipher and understand. We mark the points of failure, such as process gaps, system breakages, and underdeveloped people skills. In parallel, we also rate your maturity compared to global best practices. After the assessment is complete, we partner with you to develop a customized, improved omnichannel experience.

How our customer journey mapping program is different

  • We bring broad and deep service delivery experience across various industries and geographies.
  • We understand omnichannel and how to shape the customer experience across channels.
  • We have Lean/Six Sigma experts to root cause process gaps across the entire service experience.
  • We have depth in service delivery/contact centre technologies that shape the customer journey.
  • Our contact centre benchmark program informs the right KPIs to measure service experience.


"Burnie Group's approach to customer journey mapping helped shape and redefine our customer experience. A key element was the initial root cause analysis that uncovered our customers' biggest service problems. This acted as a catalyst to create a new customer journey that will differentiate their experience with e2open."

Lynn Holmgren, EVP & Chief Administration Officer at e2open

Our contact center practice leader

Eli Federman

Eli Federman

Practice Leader, Omnichannel & Contact Centers

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