As companies grow, technologies evolve, and ownership changes, what has worked in the past will often no longer work. Burnie Group’s value creation practice helps private equity funds and their portfolio companies identify initiatives that will drive value for their business. We develop a clear, practical plan, then leverage our technology and operations expertise to help you execute successfully.

How we can support your organization

Align your leadership: We bring your stakeholders together to align them on your priorities to capture value immediately and through the life of the asset.

Successfully execute your value creation plan: We develop integrated, bottoms-up plans to help you execute your value creation initiatives.

Dramatically increase bottom-line growth: We identify ways to accelerate EBITDA growth in your portfolio companies and pinpoint adjacent opportunities that will drive cash generation and equity value.

Performance Management

Our approach to value creation

1. Current state assessment

We assess your business’s current state and develop a fact-based understanding of where your business is heading.

2. Identify opportunities

We work with you to identify opportunities for value creation across all areas of your business, such as revenue growth, cost optimization, capital efficiency and enterprise value. We bring together key stakeholders in a prioritization workshop to align on strategy and initiatives to pursue.

3. Roadmap & execution

We design execution plans for each value creation initiative, ensuring the right resources and skills are in place to execute. We develop a clear governance framework to assign ownership and metrics for the plan going forward.

Why choose Burnie Group for value creation

  • We tailor our value creation approach to suit your fund and portfolio companies.
  • We deliver world-class analytics and synthesis, drilling down to extract actionable insight.
  • We turn insights into plans and plans into actions to help you execute successfully.
  • We monitor your progress and establish accountability to help you realize the full potential of your value creation plan.
  • We have experience supporting clients through all activities related to mergers and acquisitions.


“[Burnie Group] engaged the right stakeholders, fully understood our business, and provided a very thorough step-by-step implementation plan for us to execute.”

CHRO & CMO at Serenia Life Financial

“[Burnie Group] did a nice job getting to know our business and industry and honing in on issues and priorities.”

Senior Leader at Medical Facilities Corporation

Our value creation leaders

Graeme Hartlen

Graeme Hartlen

Practice Leader, Strategy & Operations

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Alexey Saltykov

Alexey Saltykov

Practice Leader, Post-Merger Integrations

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