How a Telehealth Provider Developed an Actionable Growth Strategy

The Situation

The board of a privately held telehealth solutions and service provider reached out to Burnie Group to propose an actionable growth strategy that would get the company from $25M to $100M in revenue over a three to five-year span. With 250 employees, the company’s primary focus is to provide a network of physicians to payers, including insurance companies and employer groups, to ensure remote care is accessible to their covered populations.

The telehealth provider sought Burnie Group’s support with the following:
• Reducing costs and increasing access to its product
• Identifying key market segments to pursue and invest in
• Develop a sustainable growth strategy
• Become the leader in connecting patients with practitioners

The Solution

Burnie Group started with a fact-based assessment of the current state of the company, then analyzed and prioritized potential opportunities. Burnie Group developed an innovative strategy that set a new direction and could be executed rapidly to ensure goals were met. This strategy identified potential markets for growth and planned to build distinctive core capabilities. With employee and board input, Burnie Group designed a target state and an execution roadmap. By growing its delivery platform and enabling providers, the telehealth provider would be well poised to achieve its goals.

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