How a Reinsurance Company Doubled Its Transaction Capacity with Process Automation

Close up of the hands of two people reviewing a contract. One person is holding a pen.The Situation

A global risk and reinsurance organization was experiencing increasing volume and complexity within their Client Service department. The growing client demands caused longer turn-around times, employee burnout, and an uptick in errors, culminating in a poor customer and employee experience. Recognizing the need for a solution to solve these issues, the reinsurer sought the assistance of Burnie Group for process improvement expertise.

The Solution

Burnie Group assessed the existing process areas and recommended solutions for optimizing and automating repetitive, manual tasks related to calculating premiums and claims. The assessment revealed three key areas that could benefit from automation: pro-rata, claims processing, and contracts. The recommendations included intelligent document processing and workflows in addition to process automation.

Burnie Group designed a tailored automation strategy leveraging process commonalities to deploy reusable automation patterns across process areas. The design included an automation roadmap with impactful quick wins and applied automation across processes for long-term impact. Burnie Group then implemented the automation solutions.

The final stage was the training provided to the company’s IT team to enable them to support the process automation initiatives.

The Result

Burnie Group enabled the reinsurance company to implement effective process optimization strategies and set them to operational excellence. Implementing two waves of automation reduced processing time, doubled transaction capacity, and reduced effort for quarterly processes by 40%.

This transformative improvement enabled the team to redirect its efforts toward more strategic and high-value tasks while reducing turn-around times, optimizing processes, and improving employee satisfaction.

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