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We help long-term care organizations enhance their nursing operating model, design their strategy, and drive quality improvement in nursing care.

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Long-Term Care (LTC) / Nursing Care is an industry that has been slow to evolve. Today, the LTC industry experiences a number of challenges: insufficient funding that requires doing more with less, slow building re-development, increased regulatory pressure, more complex resident health issues that requires higher levels of care, and high staff attrition across registered and non-registered staff. Working in both the homes (nursing and/or long-term care) and corporate offices, The Burnie Group has extensive experience helping long-term care / nursing organizations with these strategic and operational areas.

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Clients we’ve worked with in Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-Term Care Consulting

“It is a pleasure to work with a consulting firm with deeper understanding of the sector.”

VP Performance Improvement & Innovation, LTC Provider

“Thank you to the Burnie Group for their excellent work with our Executive team. The level of professionalism, preparatory work, onsite facilitation, and follow through will give us a finished product that will benefit our business for years to come.”

Head of Communications and Initiatives
LTC Provider

“I have been part of many strategic planning exercises over my many years as an executive and partnering with The Burnie Group was by far the best – the best in terms of subject matter expertise, methodology, originality, organization, comprehensiveness, timeliness and final product/outcome. All at a cost that was fair, reasonable, and better than other consulting firms.”

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, One of the leading Senior Living providers

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Long-Term Care Strategy (LTC strategy)

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-term care and nursing organizations face very unique challenges, including specifics of funding mechanisms, working within the confines regulatory environment, the evolving complexity of nursing care and challenges around  availability and attrition of nursing staff.

The Burnie Group supports long-term care companies in developing strategies that combine stable portfolio growth, efficient shared services, and superior resident care.

We use our proprietary tools to assess the current situation and develop a strategic roadmap to grow your long-term care organization.

Learn more about our strategy consulting services.

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Nursing Operating Model

Long-Term Care Consulting

The nursing department is the largest part of the long-term care organization and spans across numerous positions including Director of Nursing (DON) / Director of Care (DOC), Assistant Director of Care (ADOC) / Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON), Nursing Manager, Registered staff including Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Practical Nurse (RPN)/Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and Personal Support Worker (PSW), Personal Care Aide (PCA), Home Health Aide.

Unfortunately, in many nursing homes / long-term care communities administrative an bureaucratic tasks dominate the day of nursing staff offering many opportunities for quality improvement in nursing care.

We design a nursing operations plan that spans the entire nursing organization in a way that is focused on increasing the quality of resident care.

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Nursing Care Staff Engagement

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-Term Care Consulting

One of the common challenges in the long-term care / nursing industry is a high level of attrition and difficulty attracting nursing staff, assistance staff,  and also nursing leaders.

From our experience working in the long-term care industry, The Burnie Group has recognized that hiring and retention are affected by not only a lowered attractiveness of the industry for potential candidates (e.g. when compared to hospitals) but also a lack of effective leadership and employee engagement for existing staff.

The Burnie Group can help you assess employee engagement on an ongoing basis through industry-customized pulse checks. We then working with you to design and implement the changes that  will increase employee motivation and see your retention rates rise.

Resulting in lower attrition, decreased hiring costs, reduced  training costs and, most importantly a higher level of care and service for residents and their families.

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Looking into growing your long-term care organization through acquisition?

Long-Term Care Consulting

Long-term care / Nursing Care is still one of the most fragmented industries. This suggests that acquisition is one of the main ways in which long-term care organizations can grow. Growth through acquisition allows for increased organizational scale and, when done right, reduced costs.

Unfortunately many acquisitions / post merger integrations in long-term care do not reap these benefits due to poor strategic execution of the integration.

The Burnie Group has extensive experience in different types of long-term care / nursing integration projects, including:

  • Preparation of long-term care mergers / acquisitions
  • Support of post merger integrations before and after Day One / Closing
  • Integration playbooks for LTC acquisitions
  • Integration guidelines for LTC management contracts
  • Enhancement of Operating Model for integrated LTC / Nursing Organization.

Struggling to reduce your nursing staff attrition?
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