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Every day, the financial services and banking sectors find new opportunities and challenges in a complex operating environment. To remain competitive and deliver value, players must balance multi-layered regulatory oversight, shifting markets and stakeholder expectations.

The Burnie Group’s industry experts work with financial services and banking clients to assess needs, create plans, and implement innovative, leading-edge solutions. These strategies and tactics are designed to enhance efficiencies and open opportunities, whether in business segments or across the entire organization.

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Our experienced Financial Services consultants know your business and operations

Retail Banking

  • Credit cards
  • Everyday banking
  • Direct investing
  • Lending
  • Wealth management

Commercial Banking

  • Asset management
  • Credit cards
  • Daily banking
  • Lending
  • Small business products and services

Corporate and Investment Banking

  • Capital markets
  • Corporate lending
  • Financial advisory
  • Investment banking
  • Trade finance
  • Treasury management

Other Financial Services

  • Alternative investment services
  • Custody services
  • ETF services
  • Fund services
  • Institutional accounting
  • Pension and benefits administration
  • Risk management

Clients we’ve worked with in Banking and Finance

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“We were proud to work with The Burnie Group and are very pleased with the results. Excellent partners who worked with all levels of our organization to create a robust strategic plan.“

SVP Operations.

“The Burnie Group got up to speed in understanding our business, our customers and how we operate extremely quickly and just as quickly helped create, shape and formulate a comprehensive, supportable and executable strategic roadmap that we could proudly say came from within.

President and CEO

“A number of Canadian banks have worked with The Burnie Group to complete a Contact Centre benchmarking survey. I was impressed with the quality of work and information gleaned from the benchmark.“

SVP and Head Global Contact Centres

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Strategy Consulting in Finance and Banking

Financial Services

The Burnie Group’s financial services and banking experts design tailored strategies to fit your specific needs. We understand your customers’ needs and wants, your competitive landscape, and emerging technologies on your horizon, and with this knowledge, we help you build lean operations that are ready to greet tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our extensive, multi-sector experience includes developing and implementing strategies focused on:

  • Corporate growth
  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Multi-channel distribution and sales
  • Operations and operating models
  • Post-merger integration and support

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IT Consulting in Finance and Banking

Financial Services

The Burnie Group’s financial services and banking IT consultants have solid experience across all information technology pillars, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure, and user support. Using best practices, we design lean IT target states to ensure your technology fully supports your company.

Some of our areas of IT strategy expertise include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Digitization
  • Multi-channel solutions, including those for digital and contact centres
  • Procurement, including lean
  • Target architecture

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Robotic Process Automation for Finance and Banking

Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the speed, quality and efficiency of complex back-office operations and functions, ranging from transaction processing to fraud analysis. You will benefit from shorter processing times and reduced error rates, and your staff can be freed to focus on the products and services that will benefit your clients.

The Burnie Group has one of North America’s largest and deepest RPA benches as well as an accomplished in-house development team. Together, they will work with you to recommend, create, and implement your custom solution in a matter of weeks.

Our expert team has created and implemented RPA solutions to help clients gain efficiencies in areas including:

  • Accounting, collections, and finance
  • Account management, including new client set-up
  • Complaint management
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Product bundling

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Curious about how RPA can streamline your Financial Services Company or Bank?

Workforce Management and Achieve in Finance and Banking

Financial Services

Financial Services

The Burnie Group’s WFM solutions harness leading technologies to improve performance and maximize your team’s potential. We help clients develop innovative employee engagement programs, improve resource planning, and achieve better team management.

AchieveTM, our ten-week modular program delivers best practices on a premium electronic platform. Already in place in to many clients in the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors, our clients have seen increases in team efficiency and effectiveness of up to 15 per cent within a few months.

There are many back-office and operations areas in Financial Services organizations that can benefit from WFM solutions, including:

  • Credit processing / credit checks
  • Customer Servicing (e.g. customer data changes)
  • New customer onboarding
  • Payments
  • Collections
  • Fraud analysis
  • Reporting
  • Various shared services (e.g. finance, HR, etc)
  • And many more


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Blockchain in Finance and Banking

uses of blockchain in banks and financial services | blockchain consulting

Blockchain is an innovative technology poised to transform how the financial services and banking sectors do business. It can facilitate trust and transparency in transactions while reducing costs and streamlining existing processes. Banks, financial institutions, and insurers can use it to move money efficiently and better assess and mitigate risk.

The Burnie Group’s financial services IT consultants can support your organization through all phases of blockchain deployment, from fit assessments to strategy to implementation using onshore and offshore resources.

We can support your organization explore, assess and put blockchain into place, in many projects, including :

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Digital identity, security and fraud detection
  • KYC requirements
  • Risk management
  • Smart contract and payment automation
  • Third party interactions (credit agencies, other banks and financial agencies, etc.)
  • Transaction processing, including verification

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Benchmarking in Finance and Banking

Financial Services

The limited amount of detailed industry data can mean banks and financial institutions struggle to establish their performance rates in comparison to their peers. The right tools, benchmarks, and assessments can help you determine what you’re doing correctly, what needs to be improved, and how you can stay ahead of the competition.

The Burnie Group’s benchmarking program evaluates your operating performance against your industry peers. By identifying the appropriate metrics, you can make changes needed to improve customer experience, which can influence your brand and reputation.

We offer a number of assessments and benchmarks across different channels, company functions, and businesses to help you determine where your company is and help you get to where you want to be. Some of these include:


Finance and banking business lines: 

  • Commercial and small business banking
  • Credit cards
  • Investments
  • Lending
  • Retail banking
  • Wealth management

Finance and banking functions:

  • Complaints
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Sales
  • Services
  • Shared services

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