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Value Creation drives the most value for your business and investors

As companies grow, competitive environments and technologies evolve, and ownership changes, what has worked in the past will often no longer work. Our Value Creation practice helps companies identify initiatives that will drive value for their business, and develop clear plans to execute on those initiatives.

The Burnie Group’s value creation process is comprised of three main phases:

  1. Assess a business’ current state and develop a fact-based understanding of where the business is heading.
  2. Identify opportunities for value creation across all areas of the business e.g. revenue growth, cost optimization, capital efficiency, enterprise value, etc. We bring together key stakeholders in a prioritization workshop to align on strategy and initiatives to pursue.
  3. Design execution plans for each value creation initiative, ensuring the right resources and skills are in place to execute. We develop a clear governance framework to assign ownership and metrics for the plan going forward.

Our consultants can support your business throughout the entire value creation process.

Strategic Value Creation Levers we use

The Burnie Group brings together expertise in strategy and operations, coupled with technology, to create and deliver value in your business. We leverage our broad expertise across different practice areas to identify opportunities:

RPA icon | value creation consultingRobotic Process Automation: We can quickly identify processes that are ripe for automation, freeing up capacity or setting you up for rapid growth. That creates value both for your customers (e.g. better service experience, less errors, etc.) and for your organization allowing you to do more with less.


growth strategy icon | value creation consultingGrowth strategy: We understand all companies want to grow, but also that it needs to be done in a measured way to drive bottom-line growth. Creating value through sales efficiency and distribution strategy redesign may significantly impact a company’s top line and evaluation.


operational due diligence icon Technology / Operational Due Diligence: We work with Private Equity companies to perform targeted due diligence, identifying value creation pillars pre-acquisition.


post-merger integration icon | value creation consultingPost-Merger Integration (PMI): We have an advanced set of value creation tools to help Private Equity firms to drive additional value through mergers and acquisitions / integrations.


process improvement iconProcess improvement: We take a deep dive on your value driving processes to ensure they  are both efficient and effective.


cost optimization iconCost optimization: We assess the largest cost drivers to understand their impact on EBITDA and cash flow, and ensure resources are deployed effectively. Cost optimization is a significant value creation lever as it positively impacts both your profit / cash flow and enterprise value.


target operating model iconTarget Operating Model (TOM): We take a holistic approach to the business to develop a future state operating model that will create value both for customers (e.g. new sales / service channels, more affordable pricing, multi-channel capabilities) and the organization itself (e.g. higher revenue, lower unit costs, reduction on errors and re-work, etc.)

workforce management icon | value creation consultingWorkforce Management: We ensure you have the right people, in the right role, at the right time to deliver on the plan. This means creating value through the best use of resources and higher standards of service.

Looking to grow your business?

Value Creation Consultants that know your industry

Our top-tier strategy consultants have extensive experience developing value creation plans in your industry, in a cost-effective manner.

We select seasoned, experienced consultants, trained at leading consultancies like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain. Decades of consulting experience have allow us to perfect our value creation models and tools.

We have been supporting clients creating value across a variety of industries such as financial services, insurance, telecommunications, retail, senior living, professional services, hi-tech, and many others.

Dramatically increase bottom-line growth

We will identify ways to accelerate EBITDA growth in your portfolio companies and pinpoint adjacent opportunities that will drive cash generation, and equity value.

We will build a practical plan and use our expertise in technology and operations to help you execute successfully.