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What is digital strategy?

Digital strategy is a plan to integrate digital technologies across all aspects of a business to coincide with big picture strategy. The intention is to maximize the business benefit of data assets and technology initiatives.

To put it concisely, digital strategy is a plan to use digital capabilities to make a business more successful.

Digital strategy is about more than creating a new website or an app from your business. It’s about reworking your business strategy from a digital perspective, from sales and marketing to servicing, operations and back office.

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Why is digital strategy is a necessity?

In the past, digital capabilities were considered a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than a necessity. Today they are a must across industries because customers and clients expect that their product and service providers to have digital capabilities.

With new and existing companies leveraging digital capabilities, there is even more pressure on companies to focus on digital.

The Burnie Group has extensive experience in digital consulting and marketing. Our experience enables us to support our clients throughout the strategy process, from conception to execution.

Our goal is to leverage digital capabilities so our clients can gain competitive advantage by exceeding customer expectations.

Questions that digital strategy should answer:

  • Do our digital capabilities support and drive an overall business and operations strategy?
  • How do our digital capabilities compare to our competitors?
  • Can digital enable us to better capture and serve our customers / clients?
  • Are we using digital to drive efficiency and scalability in the organization?
  • Can our digital strategy leverage innovation in order to maintain competitive edge?

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Digital Asset Assessment

Our assessment includes a competitor analysis, a snapshot of the digital landscape in your industry, and an overview of best practices. We will also assess your current digital assets, including your website(s), your marketing capabilities (e.g. SEO and SEM), and your sales and service capabilities.

We will suggest an array of changes and quick wins that will bring your digital marketing, sales and service capabilities to the next level.

digital strategy methodology chart

Digital Marketing Strategy

Too often digital marketing strategies are created with the sole goal of increasing impressions (e.g. increasing traffic, exposure, social media following, etc.).

We aim to use digital marketing to improve your business: to drive sales, improve service, and deliver superior customer experience.

Our expert consultants will work with you to understand your existing business strategy, operating model, and goals. We will define the elements of your sales and marketing strategy, including digital content, customer acquisition, and affiliate marketing and partnerships. This will coincide with a competitive analysis and an industry analysis, including best practices and trends.

We will help you to understand and shape your customer journey and sales funnel. In addition, we will help you to improve your customer experience by understanding customer migration, multichannel integration, and customer drop-out rates. Our strategies are closely rooted into key performance indicators (KPIs), including financial KPIs.

Based on this information we will identify required digital capabilities, design potential scenarios, and prioritize potential opportunities. The strategizing process concludes with development of a comprehensive road map to ensure that an organization can successfully execute.

Digital strategy from conception to execution

The Burnie Group’s extensive experience in digital consulting and marketing enables us to support our clients throughout the strategic process.

Our goal is to leverage digital capabilities so our clients can consistently exceed customer expectations.

Consultants with wide digital expertise

Our digital consultants have extensive experience launching, growing and scaling up websites for B2C and B2B businesses. We can tailor our digital expertise to your industry.

We have developed digital marketing strategies for some of the toughest industries, including financial services, insurance, real estate, and travel.

Multi-channel marketing experts

Our consultants are SEO and SEM experts. We also have hands-on experience with an array of technologies, including AI, IA, RPA , chat functionalities, bots.

We can use these technologies to integrate and empower your digital channels.

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