PRESS RELEASE: Burnie Group Announces Innovative Contact Center Benchmark for Canadian Banks

TORONTO, ONTARIO — May 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Today, Burnie Group, a leading Toronto-based management consulting firm, announced a new Canadian Bank Contact Center Benchmark.

The benchmark encompasses 35+ key performance indicators (KPIs) applicable to major banking lines of business. The data assembled represents the most relevant and informative KPIs and produces meaningful and actionable insights. The simplified benchmark produces easy-to-digest reports, including access to a leading Business Intelligence tool. Canada’s five biggest banks participate in the benchmark quarterly.

By participating quarterly, the banks receive regular feedback on their comparative performance and are able to track their improvement over time. The quarterly reports aggregate and summarize the data in both an interactive dashboard and PDF. “We are delighted with the initial results of the benchmark and look forward to gathering data over a longer period to develop deeper insights that will help our clients,” says Burnie Group Principal and Founder, David Burnie.  “We look forward to taking this benchmark to other industries.”

“This benchmark is different than others,” says Eli Federman, Omnichannel and Contact Center Practice Leader at Burnie Group. “We pride ourselves on being helpful to our clients, and in this case, that means strong engagement and collaboration combined with providing meaningful and actionable insights. We are incredibly excited about the outcomes so far and look forward to significant growth and expansion in the future.”

Burnie Group’s proven benchmark is expanding to other industries, including Property & Casualty Insurance and Life Insurance, and into additional geographies such as the United States, Europe, and Australia.  Organizations interested in joining the Burnie Group benchmark can email the Burnie Group team at

About Burnie Group

Burnie Group is a Canadian management consulting firm that helps clients improve their performance by applying innovative strategy, process excellence, and world-class technology. Burnie Group specializes in StrategyOperations, Intelligent AutomationOmnichannel and Contact Centers, and Workforce Management (WFM). Our programs deliver measurable, transparent, and guaranteed results.

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