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We help private equity firms add value to their portfolio companies through innovative technologies (RPA, AI, Blockchain), distinctive strategies and world-class integration support.

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We work with Private Equity organizations to create tangible value.

Private Equity organizations look for ways to create value both in the due diligence phase of an acquisition and while managing their portfolio of companies. The Burnie Group is uniquely positioned to support these aspirations thanks to our strategic management consulting background, and extensive experience supporting post-merger integrations and acquisitions. This experience is complemented with our in-depth technology expertise e.g. RPA, AI, OCR, and innovative technologies like blockchain to provide well-rounded value for PE firms and their portfolio companies.

Looking for reasonably-priced post-merger integration consulting services to support your PMI / acquisition? We can help.

Private Equity clients we’ve worked with

Private EquityPrivate EquityPrivate EquityPrivate EquityPrivate Equity

“We were proud to work with The Burnie Group and are very pleased with the results. Excellent partners who worked with all levels of our organization to create a robust strategic plan.“

SVP Operations.

“The Burnie Group got up to speed in understanding our business, our customers and how we operate extremely quickly and just as quickly helped create, shape and formulate a comprehensive, supportable and executable strategic roadmap that we could proudly say came from within.

President and CEO

“A number of Canadian banks have worked with The Burnie Group to complete a Contact Centre benchmarking survey. I was impressed with the quality of work and information gleaned from the benchmark.“

SVP and Head Global Contact Centres

Looking for ways to drive value in your new acquisition or across your existing portfolio? We can help.

We discover value for Private Equity firms through a focused technology due diligence

Private Equity

When PE firms conduct a due diligence exercise, they are often forced to make price-related decisions with limited information in short timeframes.

Through our short and focused technology due diligence assessments we are able to determine the estimated impact state-of-the-art technologies can delivery to target acquisition companies.

Knowing how much value can be unlocked by implementing technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Automation and others, provides PE firms with a significant advantage when pricing deals.

Interested in learning how RPA or other technologies can impact a company evaluation? We can help.

We support mergers and acquisitions (M&A) through the full integration phase.

private equity | M&A timeline

We know that the true integration work begins once a deal is closed. It’s at this point that the value identified during the due diligence phase must be extracted.

The Burnie Group has supported many organizations through their post-merger integrations. Our team can design the integration / post-acquisition plans, define interim and target states and build an execution plan for the first 30, 60, 90, and post 90 days.

The Burnie Group can also support integrations / post-acquisitions in an extended PMI Project Management Office (PMO) role where we not only facilitate the integration but drive decision-making on key integration questions.

Searching for an experienced team to support your integration / post acquisition? We can help.

Our Private Equity operations consulting uses proven technologies to create value across PE portfolios.

Private Equity

Private Equity

Private Equity firms face the challenge of delivering identified value in their acquired portfolio companies. One of the factors exacerbating this challenge is that during the due diligence phase decisions are made based on limited information and within a limited time frame.

We help PE firms deploy various technologies within their portfolio companies to extract value, resulting in efficient operations and higher revenues.

Examples of technologies and innovations where we are highly experienced include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), electronic Workforce Management (WFM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and others.

We also leverage innovative solutions to transform the business models of portfolio companies if they are endangered in existing markets.

Through years of consulting private equity firms we have the capabilities to transform and drive value in portfolio companies across various industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, supply chain management, and many more.

Interested in learning how we can reduce costs in your portfolio companies through automation and other techs?

We empower PE teams with respect to innovation and cutting-edge technologies

Private Equity

Some of the key questions faced by PE firms include:

  • How can we ensure that our portfolio companies stay competitive?
  • How can new technologies impact our portfolio companies and their business models?
  • Will technology entirely disrupt our existing business?
  • Does innovation offer new ways of evolving the business and operations of our companies?

We work with PE firms to conduct focused, content-rich workshops and deliver comprehensive summary reports on a specific technology or, multiple technologies and it’s potential impact on the portfolio companies within their portfolio.

Examples of questions we have answered for PE organizations:

  • How will Blockchain disrupt our Infrastructure portfolio and what opportunities does it open?
  • How will Robotic Process Automation impact all our investment portfolios?
  • How will AI impact all our investments that have a Contact Centre / Call Center component?

Interested in informing your PE team about how certain technologies can impact their portfolios? We can help.