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Drive a 20% increase in productivity while enhancing employee engagement and the customer experience.

Operational Excellence
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What is Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a set of approaches, practices, and tools that target maximizing efficiency in Operations without loosing focus on time, quality, cost, and employees. Many elements of it are common across various organizations (e.g. lean, digitization, etc.), some can be though unique and reflect company-specific culture.

Operational Excellence (OE) and The Burnie Group

We offer a comprehensive and transformative training program designed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of team leaders. Our program aims to build four critical capabilities:

  1. Operational Intelligence
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Performance Management
  4. Workforce Agility

Thinking about transforming your organization and driving efficiency? Our Operational Excellence program can help.

Operational Excellence matters across all industries

Here are some examples of back-office Operations and cross-functions / shared services where Operational Excellence delivers very significant results based on our experience driven both by type of activities (i.e. repeatable, supported by IT systems) and resource-consuming (i.e. relying on numerous human resources)

INDUSTRY Operations / Back-Office
Operational Excellence in Banking
  • New customer setup
  • Credit Processing and credit checks
  • Account changes
  • Product changes / Approvals (e.g. credit limits)
  • Customer service (e.g. statements, confirmations)
Operational Excellence in Insurance
  • Mail handling
  • Underwriting
  • Policy administration (e.g. name and address changes)
  • Claims Processing
  • Checks and reviews
  • Litigation Services

Operational Excellence in Institutional Accounting

  • Fund accounting
  • Corporate Actions
  • Tax reporting
  • Account Management
  • Custody and Investment Management Services
  • Custody Operations
  • Fund Services
Pension Benefits
  • New business setup
  • Pensions benefits administration
  • Processing of adjustments
  • Data entry and transfer
  • Pension benefits reporting
  • Reconciliations and Cash Movements

Long-Term Care & Healthcare

  • Front-line care staff management: Registered Nurses (RNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs)
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Quality management and audits

Interested in the benefits of our Operational Excellence program? We’re happy to demonstrate how it can be applied in your industry.

Improve employee engagement and productivity

Our Operations Excellence program is a structured 10-week certification focused on enhancing employee performance. You will improve employee engagement and operating performance through standardized management practices and training.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Empower individuals to make better decisions and focus on your customers.

Improve Productivity

Elevate employee performance and improve quality to better meet the needs of your customers.

Create Better Leaders

Upgrade management practices and enhance performance insights.

Comprehensive Operational Excellence Approach

The Operations Excellence Program challenges managers to work closely with their teams, helping them improve relevant production skills and develop a better understanding of workload and available resources.

Sustained improvement of key performance indicators is achieved through the use of weekly planning and staff development. Operational Excellence often leads to:

– improved customer service
– reduced costs
– increased productivity
– better utilization of resources
– enhanced capacity alignment

Most importantly though, our Program leads to stronger communication and shared objectives across the firm, from upper management to front line staff.

The Burnie Group offers a number of Operational Excellence programs

The Burnie Group offers various programs tailored to your organization’s needs and budget. Please see the below examples of standard programs we offer and the components of each of those programs.


Full 10 Week Program 6 Week Program 3 Week Program (OE Express)
Process Mapping
Data Capturing
Analytics & Insights
Visual Board  & Staff Management
Capacity Planning
Long Range Forecasting

Not sure which program is the right fit for your organization? Our Operational Excellence experts look forward to providing guidance on our offerings.

Three key components of Operations Excellence projects


1. A Robust Technology Platform 2. A Best-in-class Workforce Management Program 3. Superior Process Execution
  • A robust tool for capturing Work force Management data and its analysis
  • Integrated reporting functions
  • Intelligent capacity forecasting and planning
  • Data-driven workforce management approach
  • Collaborative planning and forecasting
  • Clear perspective on demand and supply
  • Real time updates

Learn more about our Workforce Management program

  • Enterprise process maps with clear outcomes for each process
  • Standardized processes
  • Lean processes
  • Clear process nomenclature

Operational Excellence Examples – Case Studies


Asset Management

Commercial Real Estate


A top 5 bank was expanding their offerings and expecting an increase in demand. The Burnie Group’s OE practice helped the bank create more capacity without expanding their workforce while providing in depth documentation of the client’s processes.


A fortune 500 financial institution engaged The Burnie Group’s OE practice to create a more productive and managed workforce.


A large insurance company lacked workflow transparency across all lines of business and limited measures of documentation and reporting.


  • Implemented a culture of training and development among staff
  • Catalogued over 1000 production activities for reporting and process improvement purposes
  • Improved planning and capacity practices

  • Reduced employee overtime costs by 36% within 3 months
  • Increased sustainable long-term productivity growth of 16%
  • Increased FTE capacity by 11% through an increase in productivity

  • Implemented a workforce management program over 10 weeks
  • Enabled high-level transparency across organizational structure
  • improved staff engagement and morale by implementing best practice techniques

25+ years of expertise in employee performance improvement

Operations Excellence practice leaders have a combined 25+ years experience in employee performance improvement. Our clients include top 5 Canadian banks, leading insurance companies and pension funds.

Transform your business

We guarantee a dramatic advancement in employee effectiveness and efficiency. Our clients typically realize operational savings of 20% or more. Our Operations Excellence program will transform your business.

Not sure which program is the right fit for you? Our experts look forward to connecting with you and providing guidance on our offerings.