Drive your operations to best-in-class performance

Uncover the five metrics that matter with our proprietary peer benchmarks and value-focused approach.

Achieve Best-in-class Performance – Benchmarking
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Achieve best-in-class performance

Our Benchmarking program will evaluate your operating performance against your industry peers. By identifying the metrics that matter to your business, you will improve the customer experience and achieve best-in-class performance.

Deliver Best-in-Class Performance

Use our proprietary research to become best-in-class and outperform your competitors.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Prioritize efforts and resources to improve client satisfaction levels.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Identify actions to better engage employees and create a more attractive workplace.

Understand trends and prioritize your efforts

We employ a unique methodology that provides insights and recommendations unmatched by other consulting firms. We help you understand performance trends and evaluate your operations versus competitors in five key areas:


Our Benchmarking program will highlight key performance areas and help you prioritize your efforts to achieve best-in-class performance.

25+ years of expertise in benchmarking and performance improvement

Our Benchmarking practice leaders have a combined 25+ years of experience in benchmarking and performance improvement. Our extensive industry knowledge, performance management experience and database of peer comparables enable us to quickly and efficiently identify opportunities for improvement. Our clients include top 5 Canadian banks and leading insurance companies.

The Burnie Group provides insights and recommendations that other consulting firms cannot match.

Outperform your competitors

We will provide you with the knowledge you need to outperform competitors by offering insight into their strengths and weaknesses, illustrate how customers view your organization relative to peers, demonstrate ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness, and identify methods to drive top-line performance.

Want to outperform your competition?