INFOGRAPHIC: Intelligent Automation Primer

In the last 10 years, automation technologies have evolved dramatically to become what we know today as intelligent automation. Desktop automation — software that supports human actions by automating repetitive tasks on a local machine — was the first iteration, later evolving to robotic process automation (RPA) — software that mimics human actions by automating tasks performed by humans seamlessly across various applications and systems.

Today, intelligent automation, built on the foundation of its predecessors, leverages traditional RPA technology and combines it with digitization and artificial intelligence to augment human intelligence and expand the realm of possibility.

Intelligent automation can be a difficult topic to wrap one’s head around, but like a lot of things, future success starts with solid fundamentals. And if you’re looking to learn, you’ve come to the right place. Read our intelligent automation primer below, or download the PDF.

Burnie Group Intelligent Automation Primer PDF
Burnie Group Intelligent Automation Primer PDF page 2

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