ENGAGE 2023: Highlights from Our Conference for Contact Center Leaders

ENGAGE 2023 Conference

We brought contact center and service delivery professionals together for ENGAGE 2023, our second annual conference on engaging customers and employees in contact centers.

Moderator Eli Federman watches as panelists Marco Sciarra, Kim Barrington and Lynn Holmgren discuss service delivery
Eli Federman, Lynn Holmgren, Kim Barrington and David Burnie enjoy the post-ENGAGE reception outdoors
ENGAGE attendees have a focused round table discussion on contact center technology

Trending Topics Shaping the Future of Contact Centers

Eli Federman, Omnichannel and Contact Center Practice Leader at Burnie Group, and David Bradshaw, Vice President of Client Care at ATB Financial, discuss the reasons for employee attrition in contact centers and strategies for building a positive employee experience.

Topics include:

  • Common reasons why employees leave a company
  • How the contact center environment can affect attrition
  • How the pandemic influenced attrition in contact centers
  • What employees are seeking in new employers
  • How employers can prevent attrition
  • The importance of leadership in promoting employee retention

The E2open Service Delivery Story

Lynn Holmgren, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer & Chief of Customer Operations at E2open, shares how E2open improved its service delivery by focusing on customer engagement, customer experience, and operational efficiency.

Topics include:

  • Understanding your customer experience pain points
  • Developing a customer experience roadmap
  • Developing a successful customer journey for service delivery
  • Creating a positive employee experience
  • How E2open improved service delivery by focusing on customer engagement, customer experience, and operational efficiency

Achieving a Differentiated Employee Experience

Kim Barrington from TSX Trust, Lynn Holmgren from E2open, and Marco Sciarra from Bell Canada discuss achieving a differentiated customer experience in a panel moderated by Eli Federman from Burnie Group.

Topics include:

  • How to attract talent and develop an effective hiring strategy
  • How to encourage employee participation and involve employees beyond their day-to-day work
  • How to cultivate service delivery professionals who make their career in the contact center

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