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We help companies to deliver an omnichannel experience in their contact centres. Our customer-centric solutions maximize channel engagement to make the contact centre a strategic advantage.

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The Burnie Group understands the importance of contact centres

Contact centres are complex organizations that support nearly every aspect of a business by representing the organization to the customer and fostering the best possible customer experience. They are enabled through many technologies to continuously respond to shifting customer demands.

How do contact centres differ from call centres?

While contact centres often encompass call centres, the terms are not interchangeable.

Contact centres involve more than just customer service representatives answering and placing calls. Contact centres are at the intersection of numerous channels, including call, chat, web and social media. In the past, call centres managed customer experience through telephone calls. As customer expectations evolve, companies are developing omnichannel or multichannel strategies so they can interact with customers through their channel of choice.

What is an omnichannel strategy?

Omnichannel means all channels. An omnichannel strategy is a cross-channel content strategy for improving customer experience. The goal is to offer a unified customer experience across all platforms and channels, e.g. call, email, web inquiry or social media. This means a customer would receive service in a consistent tone and would achieve the same outcome even if they started and finished their customer experience in different channels.

What is a multi-channel strategy?

By contrast, a multichannel strategy treats each channel as a silo and a separate opportunity to engage. It enables a flexible customer experience, wherein a customer can engage with a company through their preferred channel. However, the brand experience is limited to the confines of the channel as each channel exists in isolation.

How The Burnie Group approaches contact centres

The Burnie Group sees the contact centre as a strategic differentiator that drives customer experience. Customers often engage the contact centre to receive human support; a company’s ability to deliver a consistently positive contact centre engagement results in positive customer experiences.

We have worked in various industries including, banking, insurance and retail, to help companies deliver a more robust and consistent customer experience. Our strength is in understanding contact centres from a strategic and operational perspective, giving us the ability to execute programs customized to resolve any problem a company is experiencing.

Our omnichannel & contact centre service offerings

  • Target operating model (TOM) design and implementation
  • Technology assessment and sourcing
  • Process optimization via proven methodologies, e.g. Lean Six Sigma
  • People engagement framework and culture evolution
  • Contact centre diagnostic versus industry best practice
  • Benchmarking versus industry best practice
  • Shared services program development and execution (e.g. quality assurance, KPI score card, project intake)
  • Workforce management  infrastructure development and optimization
  • Technology assessment and sourcing
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) selection and support
  • Customer and employee journey mapping
  • Coaching framework for performance improvement
  • Customized training programs for sales and services

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Contact Centre clients we’ve worked with

Target operating model

Designing an effective target operating model creates clarity, alignment and strategic direction. By identifying a framework from which to operate, the contact centre is well positioned to achieve its strategic priorities. It provides employees with a sense of purpose and a unified objective leading to more robust and concentrated customer service.

The foundation of our target operating model emanates from four pillars:

Vision & Mandate People Process Technology
  • Vision (unique to the contact centre and in line with corporate)
  • Strategic Plan
  • Defined short and long-term objectives
  • Identified role contact centre plays for the organization
  • Awareness initiative (to ensure all employees know what the contact centre does)
  • Competitive differentiator
  • Talent strategy
  • Job profile and description
  • Onboarding structure
  • Employee engagement framework
  • Succession planning initiative
  • Leadership development program
  • Culture initiative
  • Coaching program
  • Change adoption
  • Facility design and footprint
  • Project intake
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • KPI scorecard
  • Shared services platform
  • Workforce management
  • Quality assurance
  • Project management
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Customized training programs
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Continuous improvement methodology & framework
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Telephony (call routing)
  • Email management
  • Live chat engagement
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Speech analytics
  • Outbound telephone dialer
  • Knowledge management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Social media (chat, SMS, Messenger, in-app messaging)

We focus on both inbound and outbound customer  interactions across all channels, with a view to creating a simplified, consistent and repeatable experience.

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Workforce management

workfroce management WFM | omnichannel and contact centres

Workforce management (WFM) is a necessity for contact centres because it serves both the employee and the customer. With WFM, a company can effectively plan for customer interactions (e.g. phone, email, chat, SMS), and prepare front-line employees to handle these interactions.

Our contact centre consultants have extensive experience helping companies improve WFM, in the areas of:

  • Capacity planning framework (short term and long term forecasting)
  • Staffing models
  • Volume projection models
  • Employee scheduling and shift building
  • Employee vacation planning
  • Service level management (intraday and offline activity management)
  • Command centre set up and optimization
  • Governance framework
  • Playbook development to document processes
  • Incident management

The Burnie Group offers unique expertise in the WFM space because our contact centre experts have experienced WFM firsthand. We can assist with any and all elements of this contact centre pillar.

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technology in omnichannel and contact centres

The Burnie Group is technology agnostic allowing us to provide an unbiased perspective on your contact centre technology and what your target state should be.

Our experts have strong knowledge in all key technologies that support and enable a contact centre. We can help identify which technologies are best suited based on company size, scope and industry. We can help with the sourcing of technologies, including an assessment of potential vendors. We can help with the gathering of business requirements and facilitating an effective RFP process.

Our unique assessment methodology for technologies (20+) enables a clear understanding of current state and makes a comparison against best practice (in the deployment of technology).
The Burnie Group’s contact centre experts have experience working with several contact centre technology providers including Genesys, NICE, Avaya, IEX and Coveo.

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benchmarking in omnichannel and contact centres

The Burnie Group has extensive experience benchmarking contact centres. We compare contact centres in a variety of ways including performance measures across numerous KPIs, infrastructure set up, staffing ratios, technology usage and set up, among other points of comparison.

We perform quantitative and qualitative analyses. Quantitative analysis includes KPI comparisons such as service level, average speed of answer (ASA), net promotor score (NPS), first call resolution (FCR), average handle time, call abandon rate, employee attrition, and occupancy, among others.

Our proprietary qualitative database includes: infrastructure elements such as: contact centre set up (e.g. technologies in place and utilization), organizational design, inbound, outbound and blending, staffing ratios, sales approach, physical footprint, use of outsourcers (onshore/offshore), KPIs measured, channel usage, and at home employees, among others.

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Process optimization

We have Lean, Six Sigma trained consultants who can work with you to establish defined methods of continuous improvement. Combined with our extensive knowledge of contact centres (across various industries), we can determine the most appropriate process optimization framework, inclusive of an infrastructure to execute and commit to it. Key components include: participants, activities, governance, tracking and measurement.

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