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Consumers want the latest technology, the fastest speeds, and reassurance that their data and privacy are safeguarded. Companies are expected to deliver services efficiently and seamlessly in an increasingly competitive market under increasing public, regulator, and media scrutiny.

The Burnie Group’s telecommunications experts offer a full suite of services supplemented with cutting-edge technology and practices to assist companies better understand their customers’ needs, welcome changing technology, and build out lean operations that adapt to the latest innovations.

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Strategy Consulting in Telecommunications

Telecom Consulting Services

The Burnie Group’s telecom experts design tailored strategies for your specific needs. We understand your business—your customers’ needs and expectations, evolving technologies, and industry convergence—to build efficient and agile operations.

Our extensive, multi-sector experience includes developing and implementing strategies in:

  • Corporate growth
  • Governance
  • Multi-channel distribution and sales
  • Operations and operating models
  • Post-merger integration and support
  • Shared Services

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IT consulting for Telecom and telco providers

Telecom Consulting Services

Information technology systems are integral to the telecommunications industry. The Burnie Group’s IT consultants have deep industry knowledge and experience across all information technology pillars, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure, and user support. Using best practices, we design lean IT target states to ensure your technology fully supports your company and can adapt to upcoming innovation.

We offer a broad scope of telco  IT consulting services, including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Diagnostics across all technology towers
  • Governance
  • PMO support for large implementation and migration projects
  • Procurement, including lean
  • Redesigning of existing processes)

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the Telecommunications industry

Telecom Consulting Services

Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the speed, quality and efficiency of complex back-office operations and functions such as transaction processing and credit checks. Not only will you benefit from shorter processing times and reduced error rates, but your staff can free their time from redundant manual processes, to focus on delivering services to your clients

The Burnie Group has one of North America’s largest and deepest RPA benches. This combined with our accomplished in-house development team means we can recommend, design, and implement your custom solution in a matter of weeks.

Our expert team has created and implemented RPA solutions to help clients gain efficiencies in areas including:

  • Accounting, collections, and finance
  • Account management, including new client set-up
  • Complaint management
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Product bundling

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Workforce Management for the Telecommunications industry

Telecom Consulting Services

People are your organization’s biggest asset. Regardless of where they are – in a corporate office or satellite location, in a warehouse—the right workforce management program (WFM) can help boost efficiency, develop a more engaged and productive staff, and improve service delivery and client experience.

The Burnie Group’s WFM solutions harness state-of-the-art technologies to improve performance and maximize your team’s potential. Our solutions help clients develop innovative employee engagement programs, improved resource planning, and better team management.

Achieve, our ten-week modular program offers best practices on a premium electronic platform. We’ve delivered this solution to many enterprise-level clients in the banking, financial services, and insurances sectors, and have seen increases in team efficiency and effectiveness of up to 15 per cent within a few months.

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Blockchain for the Telecom industry

Telecom Consulting Services

Blockchain is an innovative technology poised to transform how the telecommunications sector does business. It can facilitate trust and transparency in transactions while reducing costs and streamlining existing processes. Telecom companies can use it in digital identity and data management and fraud prevention measures.

The Burnie Group’s IT consultants can support your company through all phases of deployment, from fit assessments to strategy to implementation using onshore and offshore resources.

We can support your telecommunications organization with blockchain assessments and implementation in projects involving:

  • Digital identity and data management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Identity management
  • New customer authorizations
  • Payment solutions
  • Smart contracts

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