How a Canadian Life Insurer’s New Operating Model Dramatically Improved Performance

Three coworkers use a Kanban board to improve performance as part of their new operating model

The Situation

A large Canadian insurance company wanted a partner to help with the migration to a new marketing automation platform, Adobe Campaign. The insurer needed to avoid any errors in a client-facing email marketing campaign, including mistakes with retargeting clients, emails with missing subject lines, and HTML within the body of the email rendering incorrectly.


The Solution

The insurer decided to partner with Burnie Group to implement a new operating model. Burnie Group designed a target operating model that included the following:

  • Defined team mandates and support for the organizational structure
  • Reconfigured intake and deployment setup process for email marketing campaigns
  • Methodology for estimating work effort and managing short-term capacity (story points)
  • SLA enforcement process and reporting to enhance transparency to stakeholders

Burnie Group developed an implementation roadmap with workstreams, milestones, stakeholders, and risks. The team also prepared a change management plan to support a successful implementation, including training material, a communication plan, and realistic timelines.

Once the insurer’s stakeholders aligned on the target operating model, Burnie Group supported its implementation by developing workflows and piloting solutions in Wrike. Finally, Burnie Group developed a dashboard in Wrike to visually report on team member capacity.

The Result

The insurer’s new operating model enabled higher-quality marketing email output, improved upfront planning, and clear expectation setting with business lines.

The dashboard Burnie Group developed in Wrike enabled better visibility and reporting. Managers could see how busy their team members were and who had the capacity to take on a new assignment. As a result of improved planning and role clarity, team members didn’t have to rush to launch campaigns and meet deadlines. They felt more empowered in their work, which increased employee satisfaction.

In addition, the improved setup process for email marketing campaigns in Adobe Campaign resulted in higher quality emails with few errors, which increased customer satisfaction.

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