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We can help you champion innovation at your healthcare organization

Evolving demographics, increasing regulatory scrutiny, and stretched budgets increase pressures on the healthcare sector. Every change puts pressure on balanced operational efficiency, improved service delivery, and the ability to provide innovative services and treatments to satisfy patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders.

The Burnie Group’s deep industry knowledge combined with our technological expertise will help empower your organization to operate effectively and efficiently, so you can provide patients with premier support.

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Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services

Healthcare Consulting Services


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Strategy Consulting in Healthcare

Healthcare Consulting Services

The Burnie Group’s healthcare experts create specialized strategies to fit your organization’s unique needs. We understand your operating environment, and the expectations placed on you by your patients and their families as well as funders and regulators. Our consultants will help you find solutions and new ways of doing business that will help you take advantage of evolving technologies, build a more efficient environment, and build a patient-focused system that satisfies your stakeholders.

Our extensive, multi-sector experience includes developing and implementing strategies in:

  • Corporate growth
  • Innovation
  • Operations and operating models
  • Post-merger integration and support

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IT consulting in Healthcare

Healthcare Consulting Services

The Burnie Group’s healthcare IT consultants have solid and significant experience across all information technology pillars, including application development and maintenance, infrastructure, and user support. With best practices in hand, we will help ensure your technology fully supports your organization while you see that your patients receive exceptional care and support.

Some of our areas of IT strategy expertise include:

  • Diagnostics across all technology towers
  • PMO support for large implementation and migration projects
  • Procurement, including lean
  • Redesigning of existing processes
  • Roadmaps

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Healthcare

Healthcare Consulting Services

Robotic process automation (RPA) in the healthcare sector can improve the speed, quality, and efficiency of many mundane and complex back-office operations and functions. Your staff can spend less time on repetitive tasks (such as report creation and data processing) while improving delivery times. You can benefit from shorter processing times and reduced error rates, and your staff’s time can be freed from redundant manual processes, to focus on client needs.

As a leader  in healthcare-focused RPA solutions, The Burnie Group can help transform your organization by streamlining transactions and managing mundane tasks. With the right automation solutions in place, your staff can benefit as much as the patients they serve.

Our expert team has created and implemented RPA solutions to help clients gain efficiencies in many areas, including:

  • Accounting, collections, and finance
  • Account management, including new client set-up
  • Complaint management
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Product bundling

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Workforce Management for the Healthcare sector

Healthcare Consulting Services

People are your organization’s biggest asset. Regardless of where they are—in an office, in a lab, or on the floor—the right workforce management program (WFM) can provide data-driven metrics to help boost efficiency, develop a more engaged and productive staff, and result in better patient care and service to families.

The Burnie Group’s WFM solutions harness state-of-the-art technologies to improve performance and maximize your team’s potential. Our solutions help clients develop innovative employee engagement programs, improved resource planning, and better team management.

Achieve, our ten-week modular program provides best practices on a premium electronic platform. We’ve delivered this solution to many enterprise-level clients in the banking, financial services, and insurances sectors, and have seen increases in team efficiency and effectiveness of up to 15 percent within a few months.

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Blockchain in Healthcare

Healthcare Consulting Services

Blockchain offers innumerable benefits to the healthcare industry. From improving accessibility and accuracy of patient data, to open doors to better and faster treatment, to improving patient safety (e.g. medication tracking).

Blockchain can support creation of a common, secure high-quality health information database that medical staff can access seamlessly. With less time spent on administrative tasks, more time can be allocated to patient care.

In transforming healthcare, blockchain technology can also address issues, including:

  • Medical and treatment data management
  • Medication tracking
  • Integrity of supply chain management
  • Claims and billing management
  • Improve trust in scientific research

Combination of blockchain with other technologies will allow healthcare organizations to transform their organizations even further by using e.g.

  • Blockchain and RPA
  • AI in health care and RPA

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