David Burnie Talks About Winning the 2022 Blue Prism Partner Excellence Award

After winning the Blue Prism Global Partner Excellence Award for Client Business Impact in Telecommunications, David Burnie, Principal and Founder of Burnie Group, shared some insights on our award-winning work. Watch the video below.

Video transcript

We’ve been working with our client, a large telecommunications firm, since 2012 in partnership with Blue Prism. It’s been a great relationship and we’ve delivered significant value in the back office. We have hundreds of digital workers who are helping to assist our client in delivering great customer service.

We had phenomenal results for the areas where we automated. We were able to reduce processing time for a lot of activities that frontline employees need to do by 90% on average and in some cases completely eliminate the work. This allowed a few things. Number one, it allowed better engagement with customers. Frontline employees were able to spend time on more complex questions, more complex issues, and not have to deal with the menial copy and paste and some of the hard work that isn’t really value-added to address customer concerns.

Second, our client’s frontline employees felt better enabled to answer customer questions and queries. We were able to get the answers to FAQs more quickly. We were able to train them more effectively because the processes were less complex so really enabled frontline employees to be better at addressing customer concerns. And as a result, we saw a number of different areas of impact. First, in terms of first call resolution. First call resolution went up significantly so customers no longer had to call in a second time to address a call that wasn’t resolved. Second, customers really found the engagement with their frontline employees much better and much more satisfying as the frontline employees could address concerns and focus on other questions that the employee had.

Third, from an employee engagement perspective, the employees felt like they were dealing better with customers, with clients and able to do their jobs more effectively. So we’ve seen a significant increase in employee engagement.

And finally, in terms of the overall impact, we’re able to address customer concerns more quickly, save costs, and ultimately results in happier customers and happier employees.

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