An effective target operating model creates clarity, alignment, and strategic direction for the contact centre. By identifying an operating framework, the contact centre is positioned to achieve its strategic priorities and become a source of competitive advantage.

Sharing what makes the contact centre unique provides employees with a sense of purpose and a unified objective, which are great contributors in delivering a differentiated service experience.

Our contact centre target operating model methodology

The foundation of our target operating model emanates from four pillars: vision and mandate, people, process, and technology.

Two coworkers collaborate on a business process
A group of coworker collaborate in a brightly lit meeting room
A frontline employee is assisted by contact centre automation

Vision and mandate

We help you create a unique strategic plan for your contact centre that aligns with your corporate strategy.

  • Define the role that the contact centre plays within the organization
  • Set objectives for the contact centre
  • Share the strategic plan with employees to understand how their work in the contact centre contributes to the big-picture strategy


Well-trained contact centre employees are critical to the success of a contact centre. We help you create a strategy to develop and retain top-notch employees.

  • Develop a talent strategy for hiring contact centre employees.
  • Develop an onboarding structure to ensure employees are trained to offer a consistent customer experience
  • Establish an employee engagement framework
  • Succession planning initiative
  • Establish leadership development, coaching, and customized training programs
  • Recommend culture initiatives for the contact centre to align with corporate culture
  • Recommend an approach to change management and adoption
  • Establish human resources practices tailored to the contact centre


We help you develop processes to ensure your contact centre runs smoothly.

  • Design the contact centre facility and footprint
  • Develop a KPI scorecard to measure contact centre performance
  • Establish a shared services platform
  • Implement workforce management (WFM) processes
  • Implement quality assurance (QA)
  • Establish a project management framework
  • Develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Develop a continuous improvement methodology and framework


Our contact centre and automation experts can help you implement contact centre automation and technologies to suit your organization’s needs.

  • Assess your contact centre’s technology needs.
  • Integrate your contact centre technology with your organization’s existing technology and automation infrastructure.
  • Implement any of the following technologies:
    • Interactive voice response (IVR)
    • Telephony (call routing)
    • Email management
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Speech analytics
    • Outbound telephone dialer
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Live chat and chatbots
    • In-app messaging for social media
    • Integrated desktop and single sign-on
  • Share best practices for using and maintaining contact centre technologies

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How our target operating model approach is different

  • We have depth in all facets of the ideal target operating model for contact centres.
  • Our operating models are highly customizable and uniquely built based on contact centre industry & size.
  • Our global frame of reference ensures we take broad strategic and operational perspectives.
  • We build operating models that can be easily implemented, changed and scaled.
  • We build operating models that are designed to effectively interface with the broader organization.

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