Automate Webinar Series: Exploring the Future of Technology and Automation

Watch the videos from our Automate Webinar Series for a series of engaging and thought-provoking discussions on trending topics in automation and technology from leaders at C TWO, Consilio, Teranet, Turbotic, and Burnie Group.

How to Gain Efficiency Using Automation, Generative AI, and Business Process Management

Najeeb Saour, Head of Technology and Automation at Burnie Group, Charles Xie, Senior Engagement Manager at Burnie Group, and Mohamed Alsinnawi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Applications at Consilio, discuss workflow automation, generative AI, and business process management (BPM).

Topics include:

  • Consilio’s journey with workflow automation as an organization with complex and unique flows
  • How recent technological advancements and enhanced connectivity with intelligent automation and AI transformed the way organizations can think about distributing and tracking work
  • Emerging trends in workflow automation and how they align with the evolving landscape of  intelligent automation and AI

Expert Tips to Boost Bot Productivity with Intelligent Orchestration

Najeeb Saour and Adrian Golding, Vice President of Customer Success at C TWO, share how intelligent orchestration can increase automation productivity.

Topics include:

  • What intelligent orchestration is and how it came into the market
  • Why intelligent orchestration is becoming increasingly important in the technology landscape
  • Advice for organizations considering intelligent orchestration adoption
  • Real-world case studies on how clients achieved substantial ROI and efficiency improvements through implementing C TWO’s intelligent orchestration platform

Everything You Need to Know About Intelligent Document Processing

Najeeb Saour, Reny Jacob Reji, Technology and Automation Engagement Manager at Burnie Group, and Sumon Banerjee, Director of Intelligent Automation and Strategic Initiatives at Teranet, discuss how to achieve success with your intelligent document processing (IDP) implementation.

Topics include:

  • An overview of intelligent document processing
  • Common mistakes and misconceptions about IDP
  • How Teranet leveraged IDP technology within its broader automation landscape
  • How Teranet overcame challenges and roadblocks during its IDP implementation
  • Emerging trends shaping the future of IDP

A Practical Guide to Unlocking the Power of Generative AI

Najeeb Saour, Charles Xie, and Reny Jacob Reji share how to unlock the power of generative AI and large language models.

Topics include:

  • An overview of generative AI and large language models, their capabilities, and how they differ from traditional AI
  • Factors that leaders should consider before embracing gen AI
  • Key considerations to ensure a successful and responsible integration of large language models into business processes
  • Emerging trends in AI and how organizations can stay at the forefront of innovation

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