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We offer contact centre consulting across an array of topics: call center technology and operations, call centre benchmarking, WFM, and many more.

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The Burnie Group understands the Call Center/Contact Centre space

Call centers are complex organizations that support nearly every business area, representing the organization to the client. Modern call centers (or often also called contact centres) are more than simply a number of agents picking up a phone or making outbound calls. It is a complex organization that is enabled through numerous technologies and is placed at the intersection of numerous channels (e.g. call, online, mobile, chat, etc.)

We have worked with dozens of financial services, insurance providers, and other call centers across a wide range of topics. Our strength is in understanding the call center from a strategic/operating model perspective, giving us the ability to go to the execution level on several contact centre topics including call center technology, workforce management, agent engagement, queue structure and more.

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Your Call Center’s Target Operating Model

The call center is often the largest group in an organization and thus it is important to design an efficient and effective target operating model ensuring happy customers and efficient operations. The Burnie Group can design an operating model across any number of the following dimensions:

Call Centre Structure Call Centre Employees Call Center Governance
  • Contact Centre Processes
  • Contact Centre Technology
  • Channels
  • Physical Call Centre footprint
  • Queue design and structure
  • Shared Services in Contact Centres
  • Organization structure
  • Workforce Management
  • Call Center HR cycle (e.g. recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, career progression)
  • Skills and capabilities
  • Culture
  • Change Management
  • Mandate and Vision
  • Relationship Management
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Supplier Management
  • Performance Management
  • SLA
  • Benchmarking
  • Compliance

We focus on both inbound and outbound contact centres ensuring that every queue is efficient and effective when dealing with customer needs and requests.

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Call Centre Technology

Call Centre Consulting

The Burnie Group is technology agnostic allowing us to provide an unbiased perspective on your contact centre technology and what the target state should be. Our call center experts have strong knowledge of all the key technology elements supporting a contact centre from front-line technology (e.g. telephone, IVR, CTI, chatbots, chat, etc.) to the back-office call center technology (e.g. voice recording, speech analytics, automation, etc.)

Our unique technology assessment methodology for 30+ core call center technology components will allow you to understand your current technology state and how far on the maturity curve every technology component is today compared to the best-in-class contact centres.

The Burnie Group’s call centre experts have experience working with several call center technology providers including Avaya, Aspect, NICE, Genesys, and others.

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Call Centre Operations Efficiency

Call Centre Consulting

The Burnie Group has its own proprietary framework to assess the performance of your contact centre. It draws on key drivers of efficiency within your contact centre and looks to understand how exactly your entire base of paid agent hours is used (e.g. serving clients, talking on the phone, post-call work, being out-of-office, participating in internal meetings and sessions, etc.). We have defined a number of KPIs that become the de-facto standard in numerous contact centres.

Another area that offers often extensive efficiency opportunities is Shared Services within your contact centres. We believe, that efficient but also effective contact centre shared services (e.g. workforce management, HR, real estate, technology, etc.) represent the backbone of your contact centre together with your agents.

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Call Centre Benchmarking and best practices

Call Centre Consulting

The Burnie Group has an extensive history of conducting contact centre benchmarking across several organizations. We perform both quantitative and qualitative analyses using our own benchmarking database of 100+ contact centre metrics, including:

  • Customer service (e.g. ASA, NPS, SLAs, abandon rate, etc.)
  • Efficiency (e.g. occupancy, on-phone / off-phone ratio, AHT, ready and waiting idle time, etc.)
  • Employee (e.g. attrition, first-year attrition, absence rate, short-term disability rate, etc.)

In addition to our quantitative data, we also have a proprietary database of qualitative best-practices pieced together through years of consulting industry work in the contact centre space. These include insights related to queue structure, agent-related processes, outsourcing/ off-shoring, customer service, multi-channel integration, at-home-agents / remote agents, and numerous other topics that need to be defined properly in each call center.

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Workforce Management in Call Centres

Call Centre Consulting

One of the key topics within contact centres is Workforce Management. Workforce Management impacts a number of key components of a Contact Centre including efficiency, employee engagement, and also customer satisfaction. Our experienced call center consultants have extensive experience helping companies improve such WFM aspects as:

  • Forecasting
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Real-Time Management
  • Agent bids
  • And more…

We are unique in this space because our contact centre consultants not only have extensive consulting experience but also decades of managing various contact centre teams. This is experience that cannot be substituted by theoretical knowledge.

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