Blockchain Consulting and Implementation

We help companies to use this innovative technology to open new business opportunities, reduce transaction costs and boost trust & security.


Is your organization ready for Blockchain disruption?

Blockchain technology is evolving at a tremendous rate and is set to disrupt many industries.  As blockchain becomes more prolific, it’s disruptive capacity in not only existing markets, but also new markets—byproducts of blockchain innovation—is enabling new entrants to provide new offerings, while also enabling well-established companies to cut costs, improve efficiency, improve security, and move to new growth opportunities.

It has become increasingly important for companies to have a well-informed blockchain strategy. The Burnie Group can provide a range of services spanning a basic tailored “market-watch” service that keeps you informed of major innovation or competitive moves that can impact your organization, to comprehensive deep dive research and strategy development that results in an individualized and actionable blockchain strategy plan.  Our team will work with you to pick the right direction for your company and make sure that the competition and/or technology innovations don’t surprise you.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed ledger data  base technology. Although it happens to be the technology that underpins Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is not tied to those entities or limited to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are enabled by blockchain technology because blockchain offers a highly reliable, highly redundant, encrypted, immutable record of transactions. This solves the “double-spending” problem that is inherent in today’s transactions in which a digital unit of value or digital asset can be copied and used multiple times. This is one of the key characteristics of blockchain that make it a compelling and disruptive technology.

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Trying to understand blockchain technology and its impact on your industry? We can help.

Where is Blockchain used?

A common version of the truth, enabled by blockchain technology, will disrupt many existing business processes

and potentially even entire industries. Blockchain will be most compelling where there is:

  • A network with third parties who introduce cost, complexity, and latency;
  • Need for a common version of the truth among multiple stakeholders;
  • A divergence of stakeholder incentives;
  • A complex or ridged regulatory environment;
  • An audited environment;
  • A need for enforced privacy; and
  • Value in the tokenization of assets and activities.

Blockchain is also going to be a significant enabler of innumerable new use cases that leverage Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Blockchain provides key enabling features to IoT such as:

  • The ability for devices to exchange information and contracts;
  • Proven cryptography;
  • The ability to ensure compliance and governance for
  • autonomous systems;
  • Simplification of complexity; and
  • Proof of originator (digital identity).

From blockchain strategy to implementation. We can help.

Our blockchain consulting and implementation capabilities


Advisory Services, Market and Offering Expertise

Is your organization embarking on a blockchain proof of concept or implementation?

The Burnie Group can advise you on available options, vendor selection, capabilities and track record, perform due diligence and validation of offerings.  Additionally, we will advise you on how to build and train a team, set up a centre of excellence. This service can help substantially reduce your risk and improve your odds of a successful outcome.


Board Director as a Service

Venture capital firms, angel investors and strategic investment funds are making large investments in blockchain companies. As a result, there is a strong demand for independent due-diligence and strategic expertise. The Burnie Group can provide seasoned professionals with strong board of director experience and technical depth to represent your interests in the companies you invest in as  formal Directors or in order to perform ad-hoc intervention.



The Burnie Group can supply expert speakers—on both the technology and the business impact of blockchain in a specific industry—for your corporate education event or seminars.  We can cover topics ranging from Blockchain 101 and the state of the technology to regulatory issues and real world implementations. Dedicated seminars can range from single speaker half days, to as many as a dozen speakers for a number of days. They can be large audience format or designed around small working groups which are much more interactive, planning session oriented.


Exploratory Workshops

The Burnie Group can facilitate and provide consulting expertise or in-house workshops leading to a formal actionable report.  These studies typically take 2 weeks. They can range from strategic ideation to operations and implementation planning.


Feasibility Studies

The Burnie Group blockchain feasibility study covers the technical, business and financial viability of a blockchain solution. We can align technology and product or vendor capabilities to business objectives and detail implementation challenges and make risk mitigation recommendations. These studies can be very valuable to entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs looking to raise capital or build support for a project.


Build and configuration

The Burnie Group can bring industry leading blockchain expertise quickly, and cost effectively, to deliver a proof of concept according to your needs and specifications.


Blockchain Architecture

Beyond a proof of concept, there is the issue of an architecture that can scale.  The Burnie Group can provide blockchain architects, with deep industry experience in scaling real world implementations. This offering requires a significant commitment from the client and typically deep interactions between The Burnie Group personnel and the client’s development and business leadership teams.


Research and Whitepapers

Should you wish to produce a company sponsored white paper for either internal pollination of concepts or for external thought leadership purposes, the Burnie Group can provide technical writing and editing services to deliver such a paper. These papers require deep expertise and research, including interview time with the client and typically take about 4 weeks.

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