Transform your business with speed and precision

Improve productivity and reduce costs by more than 85% in as little as eight weeks.

Robotic Process Automation
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Transform your back office operations

Our Robotic Process Automation program improves the speed, quality and efficiency of complex back-office operations. Through the application of deep subject matter expertise and state-of-the-art technology, your business will attain transformative and measurable results.

Reduce Costs and Improve Performance

Cut delivery times and OPEX by more than 85%.

Deploy and Scale Quickly

Quickly transform
enterprise-wide operations.

Eliminate Errors and Reduce Fraud

Execute and track every complex decision with precision.

Reduce risk and streamline operations

Our program will fully-automate your highly complex and time-consuming processes within 6 – 10 weeks. Our robotic workforce is extremely efficient, effective, and virtually error-free. It will reduce your operational risk while leveraging existing IT controls.

20+ years of industry and automation experience

The Burnie Group Robotic Process Automation practice leaders have 20+ years experience in automation, business process improvement and technology. We have implemented automation programs, redesigned business processes and transformed performance management practices at top 5 Canadian banks, leading insurance companies and national telecommunications firms.

Improve quality and reduce costs by 85%

We guarantee simplified, efficient and modernized back office operations. You will improve customer experience with faster and more accurate decisions while reducing costs by more than 85%.

Looking to improve productivity fast?