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Automated Process Diagnostic

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Gain transparency and insight

Our Automated Process Diagnostic program is a turn-key service that provides comprehensive operational insights. Through automated data capture and a proprietary analytic approach, you will gain transparency into your operations.

Gain Real Operational Insights

Automated Process Diagnostic

Understand resource allocation, productivity, costs and performance.

Realize Savings

Automated Process Diagnostic

Identify immediate and tangible opportunities to improve productivity.

Map Your Core Processes

Automated Process Diagnostic

Formalize standard operating procedures to enable knowledge sharing and training.

Define, automate, extract and share

Our Automated Process Diagnostic program has four distinct phases:

1. Define processes
2. Automated data capture
3. Extract insights
4. Share findings


Define, automate, extract and share

The four phases of our Automated Process Diagnostic program include:

1. DEFINE PROCESSES: In the first week of our study, we catalog your business services and map all processes and activities. You will receive a comprehensive business service catalog and complete end-to-end process maps.

2. AUTOMATED DATA CAPTURE: In weeks two and three we capture all activities completed by your staff using proprietary automated data capture technology. We track your department’s activity and time allocation right down to the individual level. It’s not selective sampling – it’s granular data collection for your entire team.

3. EXTRACT INSIGHTS: In week four we generate insights about time spent, your team’s productivity and unit costs. We then compare them with industry best practices.

4. SHARE FINDINGS: In our final report we identify tangible improvement opportunities and develop a roadmap to help you realize these opportunities.

Automated Process Diagnostic

Automated Process Diagnostic

25+ years of operations diagnostics experience

The Burnie Group team has experience conducting operations diagnostics for 25+ years. Technology and automation helps deliver a diagnostic solution that’s faster and more comprehensive than any other service available today. Our experience speaks for itself—we will be happy to introduce you to other Automated Process Diagnostic clients.

Dramatically improve operating performance

Our Automated Process Diagnostic service will quickly identify ways to dramatically improve your operating performance. You will be impressed by how much better you understand your operations at the end of the program.

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