Align your operations to deliver on your strategic priorities

Deliver a more effective, flexible and nimble operating model.

Operations Strategy

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Develop an operating model to compete more effectively

Our Operations Strategy practice delivers a new way of working to create an organization that is more effective, flexible and nimble to better serve customers.

Multi-channel Expertise

Operations Strategy

Get extensive knowledge of all your channels: physical locations, call centres, online, mobile, etc.

Efficiency with Quality

Operations Strategy

Leverage modern technology and customized approaches to design a lean operating model.

From Strategy to Execution

Operations Strategy

Make the transfer from strategy to execution seamless with our deep range of expertise and experience.

Focus on the entire target operating model

For us, a properly-designed operating model consists of different dimensions:

  1. PEOPLE: Defining the organizational structure and required skill sets.
  2. OPERATIONS: Following the right processes and tools to deliver.
  3. GOVERNANCE: Providing the oversight to execute with excellence.
  4. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Monitoring results and incenting behaviour.


Focus on the entire target operating model

For us, a properly-designed operating model consists of different dimensions. Our key elements for a target operating model include:


  • Organization: Organization structure, positions, levels and layers.
  • Skills and expertise: Professional skills and experience, leadership skills, talent development.
  • Change management: Openness for change, change agents, mobilizing organization for change.


  • Processes: Processes, responsibilities, interfaces.
  • Technology and automation: Applications and tools, devices, infrastructure, automation solutions and robots, digital.
  • Footprint and locations: Number of locations, provinces and support centres.
  • Design and layout: Building / branch / customer centre design and appearance, flow of customers.
  • Sourcing: Outsourced or in-sourced?
  • Shoring: Offshored or on-shored?


  • Everything that is required to run the business smoothly, from roles and responsibilities to escalation processes and cost allocation methodology.


  • Everything that is required to provide transparency and ensure that your operations run effectively and efficiently, from metrics and measuring approach to reporting and dashboards.
  • Alignment of incentives to encourage the right behaviours.
Operations Strategy

Operations Strategy

Operating model expertise across industries

Our experts have designed numerous, all-encompassing operating models across a wide variety of industries, including financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications, retirement services, healthcare and more.

Align your operating model with your strategy

Your operating model needs to complement and bolster your corporate strategy. We will evaluate and help redesign your operating model so that both are targeted and closely aligned.

Need to re-design your operating model?