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Insights on the leading Robotic process Automation (RPA) Tools, including BluePrism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Workfusion, Openspan and NICE.

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Blue Prism logo | The Burnie Group

Blue Prism is an RPA pioneer with over 1,200 customers offering a mature automation solution. Blue Prism was founded in 2001.

Clients include: Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC, Fidelity, Postbank, Lufthansa, Munich Re, Siemens, Jaguar, Fannie Mae, Coca Cola, Daimler-Benzz, Ebay

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Automation Anywhere logo | The Burnie Group

Automation Anywhere is another RPA pioneer with over 1,100 organizations using its solutions. Automation Anywhere was founded in 2003.

Clients include: Google, ANZ, Cisco, Tesco, LinkedIn, VW, Siemens, Mastercard, ING, Rabobank, Whirlpool, Dell EMC, Comcast, Great-West Life

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UiPath is  a leader in RPA with over 2,750 enterprise clients. This RPA solution stands out among it’s peers because of it’s easy-to-use interface. UiPath was founded in 2005.

Clients include: NASA, Airbus, GE, Equifax, HP, Lufthansa, Thomson Reuters, Deutsche Post, BASF
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WorkFusion logoOne of more recent but strong entrants in the RPA space. WorkFusion offers a mature RPA solution, and has been in operation since 2010.

Clients include: Bank of Montreal, Motorola, Standard Bank South Africa, SIX

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openspan logoOpenspan is an automation pioneer who’s efforts began with desktop / attended automation solutions. Openspan has its root in the contact centre automation space. Openspan (now Pega Systems) was founded in 2005.

Clients include: Amex, Common Wealth Bank, ANZ, HSBC, Mastercard, TD Bank
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NICE logoNICE is an automation solution that also has roots in the contact centre space. NICE continues to be a leading provider of call centre technology and also increasingly plays in the automation space.

Clients include: US Bank, Desjardins Insurance, American Airlines, Farmers Insurance
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