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The Burnie Group helps corporate legal departments and law firms transform their operations, so they can stay focused on what matters most, the client.

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The ever-changing and highly competitive legal environment means law firms must deliver services more efficiently in order to compete. Corporate clients are trying harder than ever to reduce their outside legal spend, putting pressure on law firms to develop more innovative strategies to deliver top quality legal services at cost effective prices.

Ensuring more efficient law firm support, more informed operational decision-making, and stronger support teams.

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Strategy for the Legal Industry

Led by senior, top-tier consultants with deep industry experience, The Burnie Group’s Strategy practice uses best practices and latest trends to address the complex issues law firms face; from evolving client and market dynamics to internal resistance to change.

Our areas of legal strategy expertise are:

  • supporting law firms with growth strategy (eg. Growth & acquisition, client segregation, operations strategy).
  • support of Mergers and Acquisitions/Post-Merger Integrations (eg. Drive benefits, cultural transformation)
  • Transformation of business models
  • Sales efficiency, and client development strategies
  • And much more

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Need support designing and implementing a business strategy for your law firm?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the Legal industry

Typical law firms are split into two levels, the first are the lawyers/counsel who are focused on solving complex legal issues and developing legal strategies for clients, and on the other level are the service providers (legal secretaries, legal assistants, paralegals etc) who focus on process-driven work.

Robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the speed, quality and efficiency of complex manual tasks like land title searches, docketing, and transcriptions. Not only will you benefit from shorter turnaround times and reduced error rates, but your staff can free their time from redundant manual processes, to focus on delivering services to your clients.

The Burnie Group has one of North America’s largest and deepest RPA benches. This combined with our accomplished in-house development team means we can recommend, design, and implement your custom solution in a matter of weeks.

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Curious about how RPA can streamline your law firm?

Workforce Management for the Legal industry

People are your organization’s biggest asset. The right workforce management program (WFM) can help boost efficiency, develop a more engaged and productive staff, and improve service delivery and client experience.

The Burnie Group’s WFM solutions harness state-of-the-art technologies to improve performance and maximize your team’s potential. Our solutions help clients develop innovative employee engagement programs, improved resource planning, and better team management.

Achieve, our ten-week modular program offers best practices on a premium electronic platform.

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Interested in putting a best-in-class WFM solution in your legal organization?

Innovation and Technology in Legal

Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt most industries, including the legal field. The key features of blockchain help to provide trust, security, and transparency for all parties involved in a transaction process.

There are several areas where law firms can benefit from blockchain:

  • Authorization of new clients (e.g. when dealing with 3rd parties for validation)
  • Micro Contracts e.g. across various networks and geographies
  • Fraud prevention and Identity Management
  • Payments including via smart devices, crypto-currency, etc.

There are also many areas where law firms may be greatly impacted by blockchain:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Secure and immutable way to store property rights data
  • Proof of chain of custody

The Burnie Group supports clients with an entire array of blockchain services, from strategic blockchain workshops and strategy to blockchain implementation.

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