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Intelligent Automation: The next generation of process optimization

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the intersect of artificial intelligence (AI), digitization (OCR/ICR/HCR) and robotic process automation (RPA). Where RPA addresses manual, structured and repetitive tasks that can be mimicked and automated by a bot, intelligent automation introduces reason and cognition to “digitize and structure” inputs, so that judgement-based decision making can be completed without human intervention. Essentially, IA can take immense amounts of data, processing it into a meaningful output which can then be used to automate processes.

How is IA different from RPA?

Robotic process automation in particular, looks at the most manual, structured and repetitive tasks that can be mimicked and automated by a Bot. Whereas, IA ties in the ability to “digitize and structure” that input, automate some more  standard tasks and apply cognitive intelligence (machine learning, NLP, Neural Networks) to tasks that require decision making without any manual intervention. RPA is rather “tactical”, whereas IA is more “strategic” as it is central to the core business vision and roadmap.

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Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation
Increased process efficiency. Increased productivity / throughput

Intelligent Automation
Creates employee empowerment by having them engaged in more meaningful tasks

Intelligent AutomationImproved quality and accuracy

Intelligent Automation

Reducing costs as well as risks, originally, generated through non-digitized and fragmented processes

Intelligent Automation

More effective monitoring and fraud detection.

Intelligent Automation

Product and service innovation.

Intelligent AutomationAbility to conduct data and advanced analytics and hence, more meaningful and better serving interactions with the customers – improving the customer experience

Intelligent Automation

Streamlines enterprise wide business processes by bringing data on digital platform

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Our Intelligent Automation Consulting and Implementation Capabilities

Intelligent AutomationDigitization

Digitization is the process of converting manual and paper-based elements of a process into digital information. Digitization can be considered at three key points:

  • Digitized at source: Building dynamic Webforms to enable digital transformation – this is performed without the need for scanning paper documents
  • Digitizing paper: Reading scanned document by using leading practice solutions such as optical character recognition (OCR). We have developed capabilities with technology like: Abbyy, KoFax, Tesseract
  • Accelerating data entry: In cases of lower confidence threshold for OCR, this method streamlines the data entry process by utilizing human effort and automation. While we design strategies with HCR/data entry this however, could still be leveraged as the building block before full scale enterprise wide digitization is laid out.

RPA intelligent automation iconRobotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation refers to the ability of software driven programs to mimic user/human processing activities. RPA is introduced in processes which are manual, repetitive and have structured data coming in as its input.

  • Process Diagnostic,
  • Infrastructure setup (on-premise, cloud),
  • Establish CoE (Center of Excellence),
  • Design roadmap,
  • Support services

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Intelligent AutomationArtificial Intelligence

The ability of the systems/bots to work autonomously in tandem with humans or other bots.

  • Using NLP and machine Learning and Machine vision algorithm with RPA to address variety of scenarios which RPA alone can’t handle.
  • Working Process Automation in conjunction with Chatbots for real time customer inquiries.
  • Capabilities for Additional API integration (Google, Azure, IBM etc.).

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Intelligent Automation: In your industry

Intelligent Automation can be applied across multiple industries to automate various processes. The Burnie Group’s IA solutions are tailored to each industry in which it is applied. Below is an overview of various areas that Intelligent Automation implementation is applicable by industry. Can’t find yours? Contact us to discuss opportunities.

Intelligent Automation in Banking·Using AI and RPA for next best action·Marketing Automation

·Improved cross selling efforts

·Customer query analysis

Intelligent Automation in Insurance·Using AI’s NLP capabilities

·Digitizing paper through OCR


·Chatbots responding to the required documents for the customer

·Claims management

Intelligent Automation in Brokerage and Stock Transfers·Webform or HCR


·Conducting Drips and Disbursements

·Security Transfers


Intelligent Automation in Hedge Funds·RPA·Allows fund managers in Middle- and back-office to streamline their data management workflows

·Enables Integrated pre-trade compliance and summary reconciliation

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